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Hosting Off Campus Parties Guidelines

Off campus parties can be a fun way to socialize with your friends and classmates. However, when planning an off campus gathering, it is vital to consider the safety of your guests, the security of your property, and your impact on neighbors. Failing to properly plan, manage, and clean up your gathering leaves you susceptible to conduct responses from the College, and possibly civil and/or criminal liability.

Expectations of all Party Hosts

  • Have a Sober Host. This is required by CSPD. Failing to have a Sober Host will result in your party shut down. Host responsibilities are outlined below.
  • Communicate with your neighbors about your plans. Work through any objections with them, before inviting anyone.
  • Register your party with CSPD & the College. [details to follow]
  • Have a guest list, and stick to it. Open parties are illegal in Colorado and a good way to have your event end prematurely.

Sober Host Responsibilities

At least one Sober Host is required and is an essential element to a successful gathering. These people are in charge of the party and ulitmately responsible if something goes wrong.

  • Be sober - The purpose of the Sober Host is to have a reliable, competent individual (or a few) to maintain control of the gathering. Have a few after everyone leaves, while your roommates are cleaning up!
  • Be engaged - It's difficult to monitor the gathering for which you are responsable when locked in your room, playing video games. Remember, you could be responsible if something goes wrong.
  • Monitor access - Make sure the "bouncer" is doing their job and that only people you know and invited are at your party. Keep those under 21 away.
  • Monitor consumption - Never serve to those under 21 and if someone's had too much, cut them off! Knowingly serving an intoxicated person or minors leaves you responsible for anything that might happen to them.
  • Monitor noise - Go outside frequently to gage the amount of noise you are creating and adjust if needed.
  • Be accountable - If Campus Safety, Student Life Staff, or CSPD knock on your door, answer it! Then, respectfully work with them to address any issues that brought them there. 

Other Ideas for Successful Hosting

  • Consider hiring private security - Click here for more information on hiring a security guard.
  • Observe all parking laws and restrictions and ensure your guests do, too
  • Serve food and a variety on non-alcoholic drink options
  • Ensure anyone drives does so sober - The College offers multiple options to help your friends get home safely.
  • Clean up - Remove all garbage from yards (especially neighbors'), streets, and medians immediately! Littering is a crime. Drive around the neighborhood the next morning to make sure you got everything.

For more tips and resources around quality party planning, please see the Wellness Resources Center's Social Host Information page.