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Good Neighbor Tips

Get to know your neighbors:

Introduce yourself, share your phone number, and get involved with your new community.

Follow all Social Host Expectations when having a gathering:

Read your lease carefully:

Make sure you know what your landlord expects of you and get any questions answered right away.

Clean up after yourself and your guests:

Furniture and trash left outside of your house are an eyesore and may make you a target for crime.

Take care of your house and lawn:

If something needs repaired, work with your landlord to get it fixed. Landscape maintenance may be your responsibility. 

Be a responsible pet owner, if you choose to adopt a pet:

Plan ahead for breaks and know your landlord's expectations. Always clean up after them promptly and dispose of waste properly.

Park legally and in your designated area:
If you borrow something from a neighbor, ensure you return it quickly and in good condition:
 Stay in contact with your neighbors:

Say "Hi!" and check with them frequently for concerns, be neighborly.                     

Represent Colorado College by acting responsibly, respectfully, and reasonably at all times:

Help when possible, be an active bystander, and engaged in your neighborhood.