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Off-Campus Application Process

Off-Campus Application Requirements

To be eligible to apply to live off campus in the fall for the following year, students must begin that year's Block 1 with at least 6 semesters of on campus housing (CC campus or CC affiliated off-campus program). For example: To be approved to live off campus for the 2018-2019 academic year, students must begin Block 1 of fall 2018 with at least 6 semesters of campus housing.  The college reserves the right to withdraw off-campus approval if the student does not attain senior standing as expected.

There are two components that comprise the off-campus application process:

  • Students must attend an off-campus workshop.
  • Students must submit an online off-campus application.

PLEASE NOTE: You should not sign an off-campus lease until you’ve received official notification that your application has been approved.


Workshops will be offered during Block II. Students who wish to live off campus must attend one of these sessions.


Once you have attended a workshop, you will be able to access the online off-campus application. To do that, you’ll log into the student housing website. This is the same site that you’ve used in the past to complete your online housing agreement and to go through online room selection. You’ll use your CC network user name and password. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll find a link to the off-campus application. We encourage you to read through that carefully, as it contains important information about living off campus.

What if I am Away From Campus in the Fall?

If you will be away from campus during the application period, you will still be able to complete the requirements for applying to live off campus by completing an online version of the workshop (which consists of watching a video, and taking a short quiz). To access the online version, please contact Rochelle Taylor or Matt Edwards.

Off Campus Approval Process

Once you have attended a workshop, Colorado College staff will review your eligibility for living off campus. Both your damage billing history and your conduct history will be considered. Circumstances that will raise a red flag and warrant an additional conversation include, but are not limited to, average damages in excess of $80 or conduct resulting in a sanction of disciplinary probation or higher.

Helpful Tips

  • Carefully consider the location of your house. If you are planning on having parties, it is better to live in a location that has student neighbors, rather than neighbors who may be bothered by your noise.
  • Before signing a lease, talk to the current tenants of the house you are wanting to rent. Ask how their experience has been with the landlord, neighbors, etc.
  • Before your move in, take pictures of any damage that is present in the house. Send the pictures to your landlord, so you don't get charged for damage that you didn't cause.
  • Lock your doors! Colorado College student's are known to be easy targets, and multiple break-ins happen every year as a result of unlocked doors.
  • Contact Campus Safety to schedule a CEPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) check. It's a fast and free service that can save you a lot of trouble later.
  • If you plan on hosting a party, make sure you have a sober host.
  • Renters insurance is a great idea! It's generally very cheap (around $15 a month), and can be a huge help if any of your belongings are stolen.