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Off-Campus Living for Seniors

As a residential campus, Colorado College is heavily invested in the student living experience, including the opportunities for growth and learning as students prepare to become a part of the off-campus community. Our goal is to make the transition from living on campus to living off as smooth as possible and to ensure that we have done all we can to prepare students to live successfully in the surrounding community. The information in this Guide is offered to help you navigate the steps in the process.

As you prepare to move off campus and begin investigating housing options, we encourage you to consider Cottage Housing. These renovated College managed properties offer options from single-person studios to 6-person houses at very competitive rates and are only available to Colorado College students who have been approved to live off campus.

Note that the application process for Cottage Housing will take place during the fall semester. Watch for additional information.

Off-Campus Application Requirements

To be eligible to apply to live off campus in the fall for the following year, students must have at least 4 semesters in campus housing (CC campus or CC affiliated off-campus program). The assumption is that an additional 2 semesters on campus will be earned during the course of the year, resulting in the student having senior standing at the start of the following fall semester. The College reserves the right to withdraw off-campus approval if the student does not attain senior standing as expected.

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