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Students Who Plan to Study Abroad

Students who plan to study abroad in the Fall:

If you are planning to study abroad in the fall, you still need to complete the online housing agreement in preparation for your return to campus housing in the spring. It is also important that you complete the online room preference information. You won't take part in the spring room selection process, so if you receive a room selection time slot, you will just ignore that. Instead, we'll use your preference information to guide us as we assign you a space when you return to campus in the spring. Your spring housing assignment will be available in Banner Student Housing right before Winter Break.

If you will have junior or senior standing when you return to campus and are interested in living in a Western Ridge apartment, you have several options:

  • You can apply for one of the two four-person spring semester only apartments. To do that, you must have a group of four people and submit an apartment application by the published deadline.
  • You can be named as a replacement roommate by students living in the apartments in the fall who are losing a roommate for the spring semester.
  • You can indicate a preference for living in an apartment, and you may be placed there if there is an available spot.

If you will have senior standing (at least six semesters on campus) by the start of the spring semester, you can apply to live off campus. You must submit an off campus application by the November 1st deadline. If you meet the qualifications, you will be provisionally approved to live off campus pending your attendance at a required workshop when you return in the spring. If you won't have senior standing, you should plan to live on campus.

Students who plan to study abroad in the Spring:

If you are planning to study abroad in the spring, you will need to complete the online housing agreement by the published deadline and go through the housing selection process. You will be expected to check out of your room by the Winter Break closing date.

Students who are taking classes away from campus that are less than a semester in length:

Our housing contracts are on a semester basis, so we do not refund housing costs to students who leave campus to take classes for one or two blocks. For example, if you are living on campus for blocks 5 and 6 but plan to take a class off campus for blocks 7 and 8, housing costs for those two blocks would not be refunded. You have the option of leaving some belongings in your room, but you would need to return by the time the residence halls close for summer break in order to properly check out of your room.

If you are studying away from campus at the beginning of a semester (for example, blocks 5 and 6) and return to campus for the remainder of the semester, we will assign you a space based on availability and bill you for the remaining blocks.

Last updated: 12/17/2020