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How to Import From ArchivePROWL

How to import a course from

Before we begin the guide, you should know that you are always welcome to ask for support in PROWL guides – the process is quick but we know it can be confusing. We’re happy to help!  Contact us at x6449 or, or if you'd prefer, contact your department liaison from ATS.

Overview: This guide shows the standard procedure for how to go about re-using a PROWL course you’ve used in a previous academic year.  It is important to note that:

This guide will show you how to

  1. create a new course shell in prowl
  2. create a backup of your old course from prowl archive
  3. import the backup into your new course shell

This process preserves the old course intact for archival purposes, and lets you use all the resources without bringing over the user data (in things like discussion forums or assignments).  For this reason, it is the preferred method of reusing a PROWL course.

And now, the guide!

For quick reference, the PROWL course naming convention is:

Course Number Course TitleProfessor’s Last Name Block Year
EN 101 Introduction to English – Smith B1 2010-11