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    Packing & Travel

    What to Bring

    Two of the biggest concerns for any college student are what to bring and what not to bring.  When packing, please consider the following recommendations of past students:

    •  For Your Room: Bring anything that will make your new room your home for the next year... music from home, a small CD player, posters, and pictures of family and friends. The college provides a free linen packet for international students that includes sheets, blankets and towels.  You are allowed to use this service until you can buy your own linens (or for the entire year, if you desire).
    • Cultural Items From Your Country:  Having some items from home can help to “break the ice” by providing you with something to share and talk about with your host family, your roommate, and your new friends.  Posters, colorful calendars, books, slides, videos, clothes, country flag, pictures and maps are all things to think about bringing.  There will also be opportunities for you to share information about your culture and country with the CC community and with other schools and organizations in Colorado Springs.
    • Clothing:  As on most campuses in the United States, anything goes when it comes to clothing! Students at CC are very casual and wear everything from old, torn jeans to nice slacks and skirts.  The clothes of choice for most students are jeans and a T-shirt.  Popular shoes include sandals, boots, running shoes, and hiking shoes.  Be aware that Colorado weather varies greatly from summer to winter.  You should pack shorts for nice weather, and heavy sweaters for the colder months.  You will need lighter clothing for the first couple of months, and a warm coat, hat, scarf, and gloves for winter.  If you do not have clothes for winter, there are several places in Colorado Springs where you can buy them for reasonable prices. If you like outdoor or sporting events, don’t forget to bring clothing appropriate for these activities.  We also recommend bringing a sleeping bag, if you have one.  There is a pool on campus, so you’ll want to bring a swimsuit, too.
    •  Preparing for Colorado Weather:   At 6,400 feet above sea level, the Colorado sunshine is very strong.  Although Colorado receives over 280 days of sunshine every year, the weather is constantly changing and you should be prepared for whatever the day will bring.  One way that Coloradans have learned to deal with the ever changing temperatures is to wear different layers of clothing.  Layering your clothing will keep you warmer in the winter by trapping air against your body, while allowing you to regulate your temperature by either adding or removing a layer of clothing if you get too hot or cold.

    A note on computers

    Colorado College provides the use of computer equipment free of charge.  Computers are available all over campus including Tutt Library, Barnes Science Center, the Worner Center, and in large residence halls.  If you already own a laptop, you will probably want to bring it with you -- but make sure it is insured against damage and theft!   If you wish to purchase a computer you may want to wait until you arrive on campus.  Lots of additional information about computing at Colorado College may be found at:

    Shipping Items to Campus

    If you would like to ship items to campus prior to your arrival, you may do so by sending them to the address below.  It is VERY IMPORTANT that you write "HOLD FOR INCOMING STUDENT" very clearly on all your boxes so our mailroom knows what to do with them.  Send them to:


    c/o Colorado College Central Services

    902 N. Cascade Ave.

    Colorado Springs, CO 80946; USA

    Entering the United States and Going through Customs

    When you arrive in the U.S. you will first have to pass through Immigration and Customs at your port of entry.  You should be prepared to present your passport with visa stamp, evidence of financial support, and Form I-20 to the immigration officer.  Make sure you have all these documents in your carry-on luggage so that they are easily accessible.  Once the immigration officer has inspected all these documents, your passport will be stamped with an entry stamp that indicates your port of entry, date of entry, the U.S. immigration status classification under which you have been admitted (e.g. F-1), and your authorized period of stay.

    Note:  If you are issued a Form I-515 by the immigration inspector at your point of entry to United States, please notify our office immediately upon your arrival to Colorado Springs.  This form indicates that you were missing some paperwork upon your entry and it gives you approximately 30 days to submit the missing paperwork to the U.S. immigration service.   

    Arrival Options - Getting to Colorado Springs

    Please plan to arrive to Colorado Springs on:

    Global Scholars Program Arrival Date: Monday, July 15, 2019

    All other New Students and Exchange Visitors Arrival Date:  Tuesday, August 13, 2019

    For those students flying directly into the Colorado Springs airport, you will be met by a CC representative and taken to campus via a CC-sponsored shuttle.  If you fly into Denver International airport, you will need to take a shuttle (detailed below) to the campus.  Both shuttle services will drop off passengers at Colorado College in front of the Boettcher Health Center where you will be met by a CC representative who will then guide you to your residence hall.

    By Plane to Colorado Springs:  If you will be flying to Colorado, we recommend that you fly directly into Colorado Springs (COS).  Newly arriving international students will be met by a CC representative and be able to take a CC-sponsored transportation shuttle from the Colorado Springs airport to the CC campus on arrival day. 

    By Plane to Denver:  If you will be arriving in Denver and cannot take a flight to Colorado Springs, you will need to take an airport shuttle to Colorado Springs.

    • Groome Transportation offers direct shuttle service between Denver International airport (DIA) and the Colorado College campus every day of the year.  Reservations are recommended to ensure you have a seat.  Check out or call 1-719-687-3456 for details on arrival times and bus stops.  A one-way ticket will cost about $50.00 USD.
    • Front Range Shuttle offers direct shuttle service between Denver International airport (DIA) and the Colorado College campus 6 times a day.  They also offer Executive SUV service and Private/Charter van services.  Reservations are recommended.  Check out or call (719) 237-2646 for details.  A one-way ticket will cost about $50.00 USD. 

    Please Note: When making a reservation through either shuttle company, you can request in the "Special Instructions or Requests" section for Groome Transportation or the "Other Information" section for Front Range Shuttle to be dropped off at Colorado College, instead of one of the regularly scheduled drop-off locations.  If you request to be dropped off at Colorado College, both shuttle companies will drop you off on campus in front of the Boettcher Health Center (building #23 on the campus map) and a CC representative will meet you there to guide you to your residence hall.

    A Note on Transportation: Greyhound Bus offers bus service between downtown Denver to downtown Colorado Springs.  You will need to take a taxi or public bus from Denver International airport to the downtown Denver Greyhound/TNM&O Bus station (about a half hour ride). The bus ride from Denver to Colorado Springs takes approximately two hours and the cost is $17.00 one way (depending on the time of day).  Visit for departure times and more information.  RTD provides public bus services from DIA to downtown Denver. Although less expensive than shuttle service, it may be more difficult to navigate the transfer from DIA to the downtown Denver bus station with your luggage.  You will also need to take a taxi from the downtown Colorado Springs bus station to the CC campus.