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International Student Orientation

Welcome all newly admitted students - we look forward to seeing you soon!

The dates for 2018 International Student Orientation (ISO) are as follows:

Fall 2018 International Student Orientation (ISO) Program

Arrival/residence hall move-in for Global Scholars Program (GSP) participants:  Monday, July 16, 2018

Arrival/residence hall move-in for all other International Students, Exchange Visitors, and Third Culture Kid (TCK)/Global Nomad Students:  Tuesday, August 14, 2018

International Student Orientation:  Wednesday, August 15th – Friday, August 17th, 2018

(New Student Orientation begins Saturday, August 18th, 2018)

Orientation Description:

At the beginning of each term, International Student & Scholar Services holds a mandatory orientation program for new international students. This program is designed to provide you with valuable information and facilitate your transition to Colorado College.  By participating in the International Student Orientation, you will gain essential information about:

  • immigration rules and regulations that affect your visa status
  • student health services and health insurance requirements at CC
  • academic and student life at CC
  • campus and community resources
  • living in Colorado Springs
  • opportunities to meet other new international and domestic students at CC

Fall 2018 ISO Mentors

The ISO Mentor program at Colorado College exists to foster meaningful interactions between current CC students and incoming international students and exchange visitors.  ISO mentors begin communicating with our new international students before they arrive on campus to help them prepare for what's ahead at CC.  Throughout the fall semester, mentors continue to support these students by organizing events and serving as a resource for questions about U.S. culture and academic life at CC.

Each new international student will be assigned an ISO mentor who will assist you in your transition to life at CC.  Meet your ISO leaders/mentors here:  

 Viktor Kelemen

Viktor Kelemen - Class of 2021

All! My name is Viktor, I'm from Budapest, Hungary and I'm a Computer Science major. Before coming to CC, I attended UWC Dilijan as part of the first cohort ever to set foot on campus. These things are only a small part of my identity, however. I also love being out in the sun, having discussions about ideas, places and technology, with anyone, anywhere, anytime. I believe that the most spontaneous interactions turn into the most memorable experiences. Next academic year, I will be co-leading MOSAIC, a student group focused on interculturalism and the international experience. I will also continue to be involved with Restorative Justice in the Springs, under the umbrella of the Prison Project, another student group on campus. Feel free to ask me anything! I can't wait to meet you all here on campus!

My Advice:

1.  Your first year is the perfect opportunity to explore everything CC has to offer: academics, social life, involvement opportunities etc. Don't limit yourself. Enjoy and explore!

2.  Always know that you are not alone. Be it homesickness, the Block plan or just feeling down for no reason, there are always people around to talk to. Never hesitate to reach out.

3. Don't refuse a round of frisbee in Armstrong quad in the sun, no matter how busy you are. It will soon be winter and you might wish you did more outside on sunny fall afternoons.

Tony Zhu 

 Tony Zhu - Class of 2020

Hi friends! My name is Tony and I'm super hyped to meet you guys. I'm from Chengdu, China. I'll be a junior next year majoring in physics.   At CC, I'm a member of the Colorado College Build Team and I'm trying to be an engineer in the future. Besides, I'm a house DJ and I love electronic music production. I also play a lot of basketball so maybe try to beat me. I'm looking forward to getting to know you all!

My Advice:

1. Stay hydrated, keep yourself warm, and get enough sleep every day.

2. Try to do things that you truly like instead of following everyone else.

3. Don't be afraid to talk to anyone; try to use as many resources as possible.

Britta Lam 

  Britta Lam - Class of 2020

Welcome to CC! My name is Britta and I am a junior Environmental Policy major (hoping to double-major in German too if time allows for it). Born and raised in Hong Kong, and in addition to some German that I've picked up here, I speak Cantonese, Mandarin and English. This year I will be working as an Events Intern in the Office of Advancement, as a poster press printer at the Press at CC, playing on our club rugby team, leading Consulting Club, and serving as a member on President's Council. I am also currently trying to create a course on nuclear energy here, so I'm involved in quite a few things on campus. Feel free to ask me anything!

My Advice:

1.  DEFINITELY remember to bring some food from home. Colorado Springs is pretty limited in terms of food options, so bring some of your favourite snacks!

2.  Bring a water bottle and drink up. We have lots of water fountains around campus to keep you hydrated and to help you avoid altitude sickness.

3. Think ahead. 4 years may sound like a long time, but as an international student, it is definitely very helpful to think ahead about your plans and opportunities.

Jinkang Yu 

 Jinkang Yu - Class of 2019

Hi everyone, I am Jinkang, a Junior Psychology Major, from Wuhan, China. I also am minoring in Psychoanalysis. I am super excited to meet you all! I have been involved with Asian Student Union, Chinese Student Union, Lotus Intern (Asian Study Intern), and the Catalyst as Photographer (Student News paper). You are welcome to ask me any question about how to get involved or my experience!

My Advice:

1.  Block Plan is hard, especially, so don't be too hard to yourself, spend time with friends!

2.  Definitely ask for help if you need it academically, I personally have benefited greatly from writing center!

3.  Don't hesitate to seek professional help if you are having emotional problems!

Saria Sato-B 

 Saria Sato Bajracharya - Class of 2020

Hello everyone! I am Saria Sato Bajracharya. I am a winter-start sophomore majoring in Environmental Science. I am from Chiba, Japan but grew up in Kathmandu, Nepal. Both of these places are my lovely homes. I love the nature and enjoy a lot of outdoor activities including biking, climbing, and hiking. Due to these interests, I work at The Co-op: Bike and Ski and the Ritt Kellogg Climbing Gym on campus. I am super excited to get to know you all and make the most out of our times at CC.

My Advice:

1.  Don't be too overwhelmed by the new environment around you- take your time, and be comfortable with being uncomfortable sometimes.

2.  Enjoy the natural beauty of Colorado and take opportunities to go on outdoor trips ( at least once).

3.  Make sure to take care of yourself no matter what- always eat, drink, and sleep well

Kelly Yue 

 Kelly Yue - Class of 2021

Hello! I'm Kelly, a rising sophomore from Hong Kong. I’m planning to major in sociology with a minor in political science. I am a member of the Badminton Club (it just started last year and a lot of international students are part of the club), President's Council, International Students Initiative Advisory Council, and Volunteer Action (we hang out with kids from West Elementary School every Wednesday). I’m excited to meet you all (I hope you’re too).

My advice:

1.  Enjoy the warm weather when you first arrive at CC (you will miss it when winter arrives).

2.  Don’t stress too much about what to bring because you can buy everything after arriving. 

3.  Be excited for college but also be ready for failures and frustrations.

Anusha new

  Anusha Khanal - Class of 2021

Hello! I am Anusha Khanal and I am an international student from Nepal. I am an intended International Political Economy major and a Journalism minor. In my first year at CC, I was involved with the International Student Initiative, Students for the Awareness of South Asia (SASA), and choreographing a dance piece for the Dance Workshop. I look forward to meeting you all!

1.  Don't hesitate to take up new challenges!

2.  Be open to conversations.

3.  Sometimes, you have to take an extra step.


 Emma Sargent - Class of 2019

Hi everyone! My name is Emma and I am from Denver, Colorado. I'm going to be a senior next year and I am an English major, minoring in Spanish and philosophy. At CC, I play viola in the school orchestra and I work in the English department and the writing center. Looking forward to meeting you all!

My advice:

1.  Try lots of new activities!  My favorites have been the art adjuncts.

2.  Silly as it sounds, try to read the emails the school sends - it's a great way to stay in the loop about events and activities

3.  Enjoy the sunshine! There are so many beautiful places in Colorado to explore