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    CL260/FGS206: Gender & Sexuality in Antiquity

    Course Description: This course provides an introductory survey of issues relating to gender and sexuality in ancient Greek and Roman cultures. There are no prerequisites. The focus will be on the role of women in ancient society and their characterization in literature. Though our literary sources are dominated by male perspectives, by being on-site the class will encounter ancient sites, spaces and material remains that will aid in attempting to form a balanced and accurate picture of ancient society. The course will place literary depictions in the broader context of art, political and societal structure, religious beliefs and family relations. The exact locations for the course are still being determined, but will include sites in the bay of Naples area (including villas at Boscoreale, Boscotrecase, Oplontis and Stabiae).

    Program Fee: $2950

    Food/Outside Expenses: Students should budget $700 for airfare and meals not covered by the program fee. Students who have a Bon Appetit meal plan during the semester in which they enroll in a block off-campus will receive a one-block meal plan refund which can be used for meals abroad. The amount of the refund depends on the meal plan they chose for the semester. All students who have a meal plan and enroll in a course off-campus will receive the refund, even if the program fee includes some meals. 

    All-College Requirements: This course satisfies the Social Inequality requirement.

    Pre-Requisites: There are no prerequisites for this course.

    Other Information: For more information, contact Professor Sanjaya Thakur at