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    Block 2: Borderlands: SO257: Globalization and Immigration on US-Mexican Border

    Course Description: The current era of globalization has generated the apparent contradiction between the free flow of capital across borders and restrictive immigration policy. In order to gain a greater understanding of these trends, this course will examine changing patterns of U.S. immigration policy in the US-Mexican border region and assess this policy in the context of a broader review of immigration theory. The class will travel for 10 days to El Paso, Texas and Tucson, Arizona to examine the criminalization of immigration policy emphasizing restrictions to applying for and obtaining asylum and the rapid increase of immigrant detention in the U.S. the class will visit migrant shelters, detention centers, community organizations, and meet with Border Patrol officials.

    Program Fee: $1800 including airfare and food.

    Outside Expenses: There are no outside expenses students should budget for, except for personal spending money. Students who have a Bon Appetit meal plan during the semester in which they enroll in a block off-campus will receive a one-block meal plan refund which can be used for meals abroad. The amount of the refund depends on the meal plan they chose for the semester. All students who have a meal plan and enroll in a course off-campus will receive the refund, even if the program fee includes some meals.

    All-College Requirements: This course does not satisfy any all-college requirements.

    Pre-Requisites: Spanish language proficiency is preferred.

    Other Information: The course will travel for 10 days to Texas and Arizona; the rest of the course is taught on-campus.

    For more information, contact Professor Eric Popkin at