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Academic Year 2022-2023 Blocks Away

COVID-19 & CC Blocks Away IN 2022-2023

At present Colorado College is planning a full slate of Block Away courses for the 2022-2023 academic year.  We continue to regularly monitor and communicate with each of our partners and CC faculty on the plans to offer and support 2021 study abroad program options, in conjunction with U.S. State Department and CDC travel restrictions and guidance.  Each program will undergo a thorough Safety & Travel Viability Review approximately 90-70 days prior to the scheduled departure date.  

Students enrolling in an international off-campus block during the 2022-2023 Academic Year will be required to meet the entry requirements for the destination country/city.  This may include a requirement to be fully vaccinated, pre-departure COVID testing, and/or completion of tracking documents to allow for entry to the program's destination country.  Additionally, students should be prepared to meet all requirements for re-entry to the United States, which may also include required testing prior to a U.S. bound flight. Finally, programs may place limitations on independent travel during the program dates, including restrictions to remain in the host nation and additional reporting requirements. 

Due to the possibility of program cancellation following our review, we strongly recommend that students not purchase airfare until their program has completed its Safety & Travel Viability Review and the program is confirmed to travel as scheduled.  Colorado College cannot provide aid towards, or reimbursement for, airfare purchased prior to each program's review decision and announcement. 


2022-2023 Academic Year (AY) Blocks Away

APPLICATION: The primary application window for all 2022-2023 Academic Year Blocks Away is between February 3 and March 31, 2022, following our official launch event at the Blocks Away Fair on February 3 (12pm to 2pm in the Worner Campus Center).  All students who apply during this window will be considered for an aid award (See Billing & Finances page for details).  All applications during the application window will be reviewed for aid eligibility. Students will be notified of their aid award by April 20, 2022. 

A second application window for Block 7 and Block 8 programs closes September 21, 2022.   All students who apply after March 31 and before the September 21 deadlines will be included in a financial aid review.  Students in this application window will be notified if they are eligible for an aid award by October 10. 

Students who wish to apply for a block away after the application window has closed should consult with the program's faculty leader to determine if there remain available spaces in the program for a late application.  Late applicants can be placed on an aid waitlist, but if a student is in need of financial aid it is highly recommended that applications be completed by the deadline.

It is an option to apply to multiple programs.  Students who do this should notify Global Education of their final decision to accept admission into their preferred program no later than the earliest Withdrawal deadline of the programs they have selected.  Failure to notify Global Education of your desire to decline acceptance into a program by the program's deadline can lead to program fees being billed to the student. 

All Applications must be completed on Summit.  Once accepted into the program, students will receive an email with instructions for forms and waivers to complete. Upon submission of these forms to Summit the Consent of Instructor (COI) Code needed to register for the course on Banner will be provided.  


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PROGRAM FEES & FINANCIAL AID:  For information about Block Away Program Fees and Aid Awards, please visit our Billing & Finances for AY Blocks Away Page.  

PROGRAM WITHDRAWAL:  All Block Away courses have a designated withdrawal deadline (listed below).  Any student who has been accepted into a Block Away course may withdraw by this date with no financial commitment to the course.  Students who withdraw after the deadline may be billed for any nonrefundable and/or shared expenses the program has absorbed on their behalf.  In cases where a program has an roster waitlist it is possible for an alternate to replace the withdrawing students, thus absorbing those nonrefundable charges, but as this is not guaranteed, it is important that students recognize the Withdrawal Date as a key deadline.   Students who apply and/or receive acceptance to a Block Away program after the designated withdrawal date are responsible for any nonrefundable and/or shared costs if they withdraw at any point.

 For information about petitioning for a non-CC study abroad program, please see this page

U.S. Citizens & Residents: 

If you have never obtained a passport and are need of financial support in applying for a passport to participate in a CC off-campus program, you may apply for an Academic Opportunities Grant to help cover some of those expenses. 

International Students

Please note you may have additional costs and requirements not common for U.S. citizens.  These include:

  • You may be required to obtain a visa for entry to the program’s host country when U.S. citizens do not. Visas commonly require paying a fee.
  • You may need to schedule visa appointments through consular offices outside of Colorado and travel independently to these appointments.
  • You may need to apply early in advance for these time slots.
  • Financial aid does not cover any of these costs connected to applying for these visas for any block off-campus programs.

If you believe you will need financial support in order to obtain the necessary visa for a program to which you have been accepted, please contact Global Education.  Funds are available (on a limited basis) from Global Education. 

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