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Colorado College was founded in 1874. The College established its first permanent endowment for the "support of instruction" (under the leadership of President Slocum) on February 24, 1890, after
receiving the first $25,000 of a request to the citizens of Colorado, made by President Slocum. As a result of the continued generosity of the College's donors, the endowment portfolio has evolved into a robust portfolio which provides support for current and future students of Colorado College.

The college's Trustee Committee on Investments provides fiduciary oversight for the endowment investment management. The committee-approved investment policy and spending policy
serve as guidelines for the endowment investment program.

The purpose of the endowment is to support the students. Our goal is to have returns sufficient enough to achieve intergenerational equity. The following Board approved policies help support this goal:

  • Investment Policy - sets the asset allocation, and is reviewed regularly and updated as needed.
  • Spending Policy - allows spending of approximately 5% of the Endowment each year. The change from year to year is capped at 5% up and 1% down.

Additionally the College has established a Proxy Voting process.  The Campus Sustainability Council identifies a team to review proxies and may submit votes on securities the College directly owns.

June 30, 2015 Market Value & Asset Allocation
Asset Allocation Policy Allocation Market Value  Actual Allocation 
Target Range
Cash & Fixed Income 10% 5-20% $99,174 14%
Domestic Equity 20% 15-35% $134,624 20%
International Equity 20% 10-20% $134,324 20%
Absolute Returns 15% 5-15% $101,237 15%
Hedged Equity 15% 10-20% $62,870 9%
Private Equity 10% 5-15% $103,901 15%
Real Assets 10% 5-15% $48,051 7%
BIPT (Funds held by others)     $35,904  
Total Endowment Value     $720,085