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Meals at Baca

Desert Sage

The Desert Sage Restaurant is contracted by Colorado College to provide meals for groups visiting Baca. Please send the food request to Belinda Barrientos at least 7 days prior to your trip. 

Student Meal Plans

Students on meal plans will have meals deducted while attending Baca. Students not on meal plans will have their student account billed $25 per day (pro-rated for partial days). Students are not allowed to sign over their meals to defray the costs of another classmate's trip. Students who feel they cannot afford the cost of a trip to Baca should contact the Baca Manager.

Food Sheet

At least one week before arrival faculty should have students fill out the food sheet (download food request here) in the Baca packet provided by the Baca Manager. The restaurant needs time to order food, ideally one week. Upon request, Desert Sage is willing to stay open at night to accommodate students. They will also prepare meals to go if sufficient notice for preparation is given.

The Desert Sage bills the Business Office after each class. Faculty or group leaders may need to sign a copy of the bill at the conclusion of their stay at Baca.

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