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Contractor & Consultant Guidelines

Purchase Order Requirements for Contractors/Consultants

Revised: January 20, 2010

  1. Purchase Order Agreement
    1. This purchase order agreement specifies requirements for services provided for Colorado College by contractors, consultants, or other entities performing work on the Colorado College campus.
    2. Requirements and procedures for performing work on the college campus are designed to meet the unique needs of the academic and residential environment involving students, academic support offices, and classroom teaching situations.
    3. Facilities Services retains the right to schedule the work and to terminate the agreement if necessary. Any contractor’s fees, or overhead and profit, shall be adjusted to cover a reasonable estimate of the cost of work actually completed and cost of work will be based on actual documented labor and material costs.
  1. Requirements for Work Performed
    1. Work shall include all labor, materials, equipment and services provided by the contractor, consultant, or other entity.
    2. The Colorado College Design Guidelines Manual specifies materials and procedures approved for use in performing work. Copies are available in the Facilities Services Office/Facilities Services Web Page. Prior approval from Facilities Services is required for any material substitutions or procedures not specified in the Design Guidelines.
    3. Entities agreeing to perform work shall provide qualified supervision responsible for all work performed, and responsible for the conduct of persons doing work on the campus.
    4. Contractors or other entities performing work are responsible for obtaining all applicable permits before starting work.
    5. Service/repair contractors should submit a copy of the service report to the Facilities Services Office upon completion of the service work.
  1. Ownership and use of drawings, specifications, and other instruments of service
    1. Colorado College will retain ownership of all drawings, specifications, and other documents prepared to perform the work. Upon completion of the work, all final drawings with annotated changes shall be submitted to Facilities Services in reproducible and electronic formats.
  1. Warranty
    1. Contractor/Consultant shall submit all warranties applicable to workmanship and/or products after completion of work and prior to final billing.
  1. Contractor/Consultant Responsibilities
    1. Reporting to Facilities Services Prior to Work
      1. The Contractor/Consultant shall provide Colorado College Facilities Services advance notice of work in order to allow time to schedule the work with the affected area of the campus.
      2. The Contractor/Consultant shall report to the Facilities Services Office to obtain permission to begin work, schedule the work, and obtain identification badges and keys.
    2. Working Hours
      1. Normal working hours are between 7: 00 am and 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.
      2. When student residences/dormitories are occupied, contractors must be accompanied by College staff, and cannot enter until after 9:00 am.
      3. Special arrangements will be made for any work occurring outside of normal working hours.
      4. Facilities Services reserves the right to determine actual work schedules to accommodate residential and academic schedules.
    3. Key Issue
      1. Keys will be issued only at the Facilities Services office Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Identification will be required.
      2. Key issues will be completed only from a Contractor Key Card, filled out by the Facilities Services Project Manager, who has requested work by the contractor. Key cards must be submitted to the office in advance for the keys to be ready for issue to the contractor.
      3. Keys must be returned to Facilities Service office at the end of each workday and picked up each morning; unless long-term check out is approved by a Facilities Services Project Manager. If work is starting earlier, or ending later, or on weekends or holidays, this transaction may be completed at the Security Office, located in Gaylord House, which is staffed 24 hours per day.
      4. Keys issued to the contractor are the responsibility of that company. Cost of replacement of locking hardware due to key loss will be charged to the contractor.
      5. The keys should never be loaned to another individual, as they are the responsibility of the person who has signed for them.
    4. Site Security
      1. Do not prop exterior doors in work area.
      2. Areas, materials, and tools should always be secured when leaving the area at any time during the day or at the end of the day. Contractor is responsible for loss of tools or materials.
    5. Parking
      1. Temporary service vehicle parking permits are available through Nick Caulkins, cell phone (719) 491-7975 at the Parking Office in the north basement of Ticknor Hall. During the school year, parking is allowed only in marked “Service Vehicle” parking locations. All other marked parking locations are assigned parking spaces for students and college staff, who pay annual parking fees.
    6. Before Starting Work
      1. Work should never commence without a Colorado College purchase order number being issued to the contractor/consultant. A purchase order cannot be issued without a Certificate of Insurance and a W-9, Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification in place with the Facilities Services Office.
      2. If you are planning to dig on campus, your company is responsible for requesting from the Utility Notification Center of Colorado. However, those utility or service lines, which are owned by the College, need to be located by College staff. Please call the Facilities Services Office at (719) 389-6568 to request locations. If you go to voice mail, please leave a name and number where you can be reached to give details. A verification notice will be posted on the work site for College technicians to initial that their locations are complete. Excavation cannot begin until each shop representative has initialed this verification form. If form is not initialed, as it should be, or for questions, please call the Facilities Services Project Manager or Rick Greene at 389-6052 or 492-4735.
      3. Before beginning work in the campus area, please determine what services will be affected for that area and the staff. Advance Notification of Customers is imperative, so we must be aware of any service disruptions and the lengths of these disruptions. Contact the Facilities Services Office at (719) 389-6568 for this notification and coordination of service disruptions. These disruptions include, but are not limited to, noise, vibrations, dust, and interruptions of electric, water, sewer, or gas services. However, do not make any of these decisions without first discussing them with the Facilities Services Project Manager. These decisions must be made with sufficient time to notify Departments and allow adequate time to receive replies, questions, or concerns.
      4. If computers or phones must be moved, please notify the Facilities Services Office at (719) 389-6568 for coordination. Be sure to cover and protect any machines or furniture, which have not been removed; i.e., fax machines, desks, chairs, etc.
      5. Never enter an area to work without notifying Facilities Services that contractor staff will be working there. Contractor staff should wear uniforms or nametags identifying the contracting company for which they work. Nametags are available at the Facilities Services Office.
    7. Travel on Campus
      1. Driving on pathways and sidewalks should be avoided if at all possible. If you must use a pathway or sidewalk, speed cannot exceed 5 mph and pedestrians always have the right-of-way. If you have difficulty finding access to a worksite at a College building, please contact the Facilities Services Office at 389-6568 to talk with someone who can show you the safest, most accessible route.
    8. Staging, Dumpsters, and On-site Storage
      1. Arrangements will be made with the Facilities Services Office at (719) 389-6568 to secure a proper area in which to stage equipment and materials for construction.
      2. If the contractor requires placement of a storage unit or construction trailer(s) on campus for one or more months, approval must be granted by the Facilities Services Project Manager and by the City Planning Department. It is the responsibility of the contractor to gain approval by the City Planning Department.
      3. The Facilities Services Project Manager needs to be involved in arrangements for locating roll-off dumpsters needed for construction. It is requested that the roll-off be emptied before the trash pile exceeds the top of the roll-off, and that the dumpster be removed immediately upon completion of the project.
    9. Protection of Property
      1. Fencing will be used to protect trees in construction areas. No activity, traffic, or storage of materials under the “drip line” of trees will be allowed without approval of Facilities Services Arborist.
      2. Any furniture or office equipment in a construction work area shall be covered to protect from dust.
    10. Cleanup
      1. The contractor shall keep the premises and surrounding area free from accumulation of waste materials or rubbish.
    11. Safety and Hazardous Materials
      1. Colorado College requires that all construction be in compliance with applicable City, County, State, and Federal safety regulations and code requirements. If you have questions or concerns regarding these regulations or codes, you may contact the Facilities Services Project Manager or Facilities Services Office, (719) 389-6568.
      2. Facilities Services will provide testing for hazardous materials in the construction area prior to commencing work.
    12. Changes in Work
      1. Do not make changes to the original scope of work without prior approval by the Facilities Services Project Manager directing the project.
      2. Changes in work may be accomplished by Change Order Document and approved by the Facilities Services Project Manager.
    13. Documentation Requirement
      1. Upon completion of the work any changes/additions shall be documented on drawings and submitted by the Contractor/Consultant for permanent records.
      2. Within 30 days of completion of work, Facilities Services must receive pertinent affiliated construction information including but not limited to the following: warranty information, as-built drawings (both reproducible and electronic), O&M manuals (3 copies), list of surplus materials, etc.
      3. Facilities Services will be given copies of any permits, test results, or other documents of record pertaining to the work. This includes records of any Government approvals or inspections.
    14. Billing Requirement
      1. Payments are made from the original invoice. All invoices need to be mailed or given to Randy Nehls in the Facilities Office. If you have questions concerning purchase orders, invoices, or payment, please call Randy at (719) 389-6569. Under ordinary circum-stances, checks are written every Friday by the College or, if you choose, payment can be made via direct deposit to your checking account. Please call Randy Nehls at 389-6569 for information.
      2. Always mail invoices to: Colorado College , Facilities Services, 1125 Glen Avenue, Colorado Springs , Colorado 80905.
      3. All invoices must contain the purchase order number, the official project name and the assigned project number, or the name of the building or campus area where work is done.
      4. The College is a tax-exempt institution. The contractors are asked to use the College’s tax-exempt number (98-01-691) when purchasing materials for the project. When the tax-exempt number has not been used for materials on larger projects, contractors are asked to collect information, and submit the Colorado Springs Sales and/or Use Tax rebate (ST-16QE & ST-19) to Facilities Services. The forms and the information required are available at the City of Colorado Springs , Sales Tax Division, 30 South Nevada Avenue, Suite #203 , telephone (719) 578-6683. Sample forms are also attached. Please collect the applicable data for the College to make a refund request and submit the paperwork to Randy Nehls at Facilities Services.
      5. Itemizing costs
        1. Itemize Labor Hours & Labor Cost, Materials, Profit and Overhead separately.
        2. Designate as “Partial Billing” or “Final Billing”.
        3. For larger projects show percent of “work tasks” or “schedule of values” for completed work.
      6. Costs not to be reimbursed include costs due to the negligence or failure to fulfill a specific responsibility by the Contractor, Subcontractors, and Suppliers or anyone directly or indirectly employed by any of them or for whose acts any of them may be liable.
      7. Progress billing is required every 30 days and final billing is required within 30 days of work completion.
      8. Service Reports are required to be submitted for signature by College representative ordering the service and a copy will be included with the billing.
    15. Payment Terms
      1. The contact person for payment information is Randy Nehls, (719) 389-6569.
      2. Final payment cannot be processed until all College keys, warranties, and documentation are received.
      3. If necessary, 10% retainage will be withheld until College keys, warranties, and documentation are received.
      4. The college offers the option of an Accounts Payable Direct Deposit request for payments to Contractors and Consultants. A sample request form is also attached.
  1. Communications
    1. Facilities Services Contacts
      1. In case of after hour’s emergencies, the Campus Safety phone number is (719) 389-6707.
      2. For information or assistance during the workday call either the Facilities Services Project Manager or Facilities Services Office at 389-6568.
      3. Should the contractor representative encounter problems with individuals on campus, please notify Facilities Services immediately and let them assist you in resolving the difficulties.
  1. Insurance Requirement
    1. Claims and/or Losses: The Contractor/Consultant agrees to hold harmless, indemnify and defend Colorado College for any and all liability claims, losses, or damages arising out of negligent acts, errors, or omissions in performance of the services or work subject to this purchase order agreement.
    2. A Certificate of Insurance from the contractor is required before work starts. This Certificate must be renewed annually. The Contractor shall submit to Colorado College for record a Certificate of Insurance listing the College as Additional Insured and a waiver of subrogation shall be included for general liability and Worker’s Compensation. The “Description of Operations/Locations/Vehicles/ Special Items” section must read: “The Certificate Holder is listed as an Additional Insured, Under General Liability only, in respect to their interest in work performed by the insured”. Please include general liability, automobile liability, and Worker’s Compensation insurance.
      The minimum coverage is:
      Commercial General Liability  
      • General Aggregate
      • Products - Completed/Operations Aggregate
      • Personal and Advertising Injury
      • Each Occurrence
      • Fire Damage (any one fire)
      • Medical Expense (any one person)
      Automobile Liability  
      • Combined Single Limit
      Worker's Compensation Insurance  
      • Coverage A
      Statutory Limits
      • Coverage B
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