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Laurice Rovella

The following is a list of staff organized by area. Choose a link below to jump to that section and then select a person's name to see detailed contact information.

Leadership Team

Energy Management
Environmental Heath & Safety
Landscape & Grounds
HVAC, Central Plant, & Controls
Administrative Office
Purchasing / Support Services


Leadership Team

Internally, the facilities leadership team strives to provide recruitment of the most talented and experienced facilities staff and enables continuous development of staff.  Services provided for the campus include facilities operation and maintenance management; major project construction management; and annual capital renewal & replacement, capital improvement, and sustainability improvement projects initiation, coordination, planning and implementation.  The facilities leadership team provides services related to campus master planning and short and long term capital funding requirements planning.

Leadership Team Mission Statement:

The mission of the facilities leadership team is to; build trust and respect internally within the facilities department and externally in the college community and the greater communities; provide support, enable, and empower facilities staff to accomplish their work; collaborate with the college community to assess changing needs to ensure the finest academic, living, and working environment possible; exercise excellence in stewardship practices by continuously monitoring facilities and landscape conditions while providing seamless proactive maintenance and capital planning program support; and finally provide responsible management of the college’s physical, financial, and natural resources.

 Admin Staff

NamePositionYear Employed
Chris Coulter Director  2010
George Eckhardt Campus Planner  1983
Will Wise Deputy Director  1989
Jim Cain Technical Services Manager  2000-2013
Rick Greene Senior Project Manager  2002
Barry Hunt Project Manager 1  2004



The carpenter shop provides a variety of services for the campus community, and is responsible for maintaining all of the academic buildings. The carpenters install, maintain, and preserve doors, windows, roofs, gutters, and the interior and exterior structure and trim of the buildings.  The carpenter shop also builds and installs cabinets and countertops, and provides maintenance and repairs for floors and ceilings.  We hang artwork, corkboards, marker boards, chalkboards, and shelving.  The shop also repairs furniture, from modern to valuable antiques. We also provide welding and masonry services.

Carpentry Shop Mission Statement: 

The carpenter shop provides timely and expert service, from highly skilled and professional craftsmen, to the campus community.   We take great pride in constructing, maintaining and preserving this historic campus.

Carpentry Staff

NamePositionYear Employed
Karl Greis Trades Shop Supervisor 1997
Dan Crossey Cabinetmaker 1995
Kevin Gallegos Carpenter 2002-2013
Ken Wilson Carpenter 1994
Daniel Kidney Carpenter  2012-2014
Klay Matlock Carpenter 2014
Alysia Davis Carpenter (not shown) 2014


Construction Shop

Led by Karl Greis, the construction shop works in conjunction with the project management team to tackle the colleges many small to medium sized construction and remodeling projects.  They have been instrumental in remodeling classrooms and other areas throughout campus to meet ADA guidelines.

The vast expertise of these craftsmen allows them to tackle any job, no matter how small or large, and see it through from start to finish.

Construction Shop Mission: 

Our mission is to build a community through teamwork and a strong work ethic. 

Construction Shop Staff

Marc McKinzie                             Remodeling Specialist                    2006
Mark Budway Lead Remodel Specialist  2005
James Martinez  Remodeling Specialist  2002



The Electrical Shop is responsible for the installation, repair, and maintenance of all College electrical systems. These include the building electrical, lighting, emergency, and fire safety systems as well as fire and security alarms, elevators, and lifts. We also perform a considerable amount of installation work. The installations are most often new circuits and lighting related to in-house renovation projects or similar individual requests. We also install circuits in support of new equipment and equipment replacement. The Electrical Shop is involved in finding new and creative ways to make the campus more sustainable.

Electric Shop Mission Statement:

The mission of the Electric shop is to preserve, maintain and improve the campus electrical systems; all of this is done in a proficient manner by our knowledgeable, experienced, and licensed electricians, who strive to complete all work orders in a timely manner. 

Electric Shop Staff

NamePositionYear Employed
Tom Furman Supervisor 2008
Freddie Wallace Electrician 2011
Bill Holmes Electrician 1994


Energy Management

The Campus Energy Manager (CEM) is committed to stewardship excellence regarding the consumption, efficiency, and conservation of needed campus utility fuels and supporting financial resources.


As the subject matter expert for campus plant and facility utility conservation and management strategies and projects, the mission of the CEM is diverse.  Simply, the mission of the CEM is to promote energy conservation through measurement and effective communication while supporting campus sustainability goals, core values, and the College’s ACUPCC commitment.  The CEM also provides high performance technical expertise on renovation, repair, and new projects.  The CEM’s technical guidance is critical to the effective delivery of commissioned buildings and systems while insuring building performance is verified.  


NamePositionYear Employed
Mark Ferguson Campus Operations & Plant Manager 2012


Environmental Health & Safety

Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) is responsible for development, oversight, and management of environmental health and safety programs that protect the environment, provide safe and healthy conditions for work and study, and comply with applicable laws and regulations. EH&S provides fire & life safety support, educational programs and safety trainings, technical assistance and health and safety services to the university community. The office also functions as a consultant to the college community in all areas of environmental health and safety. The health and safety office makes health and safety investigations as necessary.

EH&S Mission Statement:

Environmental Health and Safety is committed to providing health and safety services that protect the college community and the environment in a timely and efficient manner. 


NamePositionYear Employed
Denise Sheridan Environmental Health & Safety Coordinator 2011


Landscape & Grounds

Grounds includes a staff of 13 full-time employees which includes a horticulturist, athletic field specialist, irrigation specialists and grounds keepers.  Their duties include ice and snow removal, daily cleanup of trash, watering, mowing, weed control, care of athletic fields, flowerbed design / maintenance, tree / shrub maintenance and parking lot maintenance.

Grounds Shop Mission Statement:

To maintain and enhance the natural beauty of the campus landscape by providing reliable service, being responsible stewards of our environment and helping student, faculty and staff understand the grounds maintenance process.

Grounds Staff

NamePositionYr Employed
Josh Ortiz Supervisor 2014
Jerry Switzer (retired 2014) 1994-2014
Bob Schawe (retired 2014) 1989-2014
Judy Alcorta Irrigation Technician 2007
Cecelia Gonzales Horticulturist  1995
Kyle Larsen Grounds Keeper 2011
Ron Housman Grounds Keeper 2005
Scott Slaughterbeck Grounds Keeper 2012
John Papuga (retired 2014) 2009-2014
Jeff Watters Grounds Keeper 1988
Darrold Hughes Athletic Field Specialist 1988
Steve Epperson Grounds Keeper 2004
Michael Spruce Tree/Shrub Specialist 2013
Brent Huffman Irrigation Technician  2014 
Katherine Albert Grounds Keeper 2014
John Nichols Grounds Operations Specialist 2014


HVAC, Central Plant & Controls

The HVAC shop maintains all campus heating, cooling, ventilation, and indoor air quality systems. In addition, the HVAC shop insures the timely operation and system integrity of all food service and recreation systems including the Schlessman Pool and the Honnen Ice Arena.

Central Plant operators are responsible for the efficient and sustainable operation of three (3) Hi-Temp Hot Water Generators, two (2) 850 ton Chillers and the Honnen Ice Rink Refrigeration Rack.

The campus Controls Specialist is responsible for campus wide Building Automation Systems and assisting with the resolution of indoor air quality control issues for existing and new building systems.


Through the maintenance and management of healthy, comfortable and controlled environmental systems, the Colorado College HVAC shop provides prompt and professional HVAC services to the College.  Stewardship-minded maintenance and technically precise new installations are the hallmark of the HVAC shop operation.  

HVAC Staff  Central Plant Staff

NamePositionYr Employed
James McDowell Supervisor 1991
Lenny Ortman Controls Specialist 2002
Juan Pacheco Mechanic II 2000
Wes Delgado Mechanic I 2011
Gary Griffin Mechanic I 2011
Lane Zak Mechanic I 2004
Ryan Smith Mechanic I 2005
Bob Belknap Central Plant Operator 2002
Edward Wojakowski Central Plant Operator 1999
Rob McLaughlin Lead Cental Plant Operator 2014
Greg Lent Central Plant Operator 2012
Doug Campbell Central Plant Operator 2006



The lock shop installs, programs, and services everything that locks on campus buildings and grounds. We provide master keying and keys, plan and install all electronic access, and install and maintain all ADA operators and door closers. We specify hardware and coordinate with contractors on projects to ensure the college gets the appropriate hardware properly installed.

Locksmith Shop Mission Statement:

We provide locks and keys so people, spaces and possessions can be secured. Our shop also gives advice on proper locks and hardware for your best protection. Maintenance and service are provided 24 hours a day.

Locksmith Staff

NamePositionYr Employed
Pete Ordway Supervisor 1990
Lee Doughty Locksmith 2004



The paint shop is responsible for painting all academic buildings, inside and out, any outdoor fixtures, application of vinyl cove base, making and applying signs, staining and finishing furniture, and graffiti removal.  We also paint residential buildings when requested by residential life and housing.

Paint Shop Mission Statement:  

The Paint Shops mission is to provide the campus community with exceptional craftsmanship through a total commitment to the details.  We will serve the campus in a way that sets the standard for professionalism, innovation, and teamwork.  Our goal is to provide unsurpassed quality of our work and relationships.

Paint Staff

NamePositionYr Employed
Jeff Carlson Lead Painter 2011
Douglas Colonese Painter 2013
Karl Greis Supervisor  1997


Administrative Office

The office staff collects and provides information to our Trades Shops, Colorado College and the community about the buildings, grounds and assets of the college. We oversee the paperwork required to keep Colorado College safe, secure, well maintained and in compliance.  We work closely with the Transportation department ensuring that our drivers are certified; issuing vehicle packets to individuals so that they may embark on academic, athletic, community service and student activity endeavors. We provide accounts payable functions so that our vendors and contractors are paid correctly and on time.  Our team also provides administrative and clerical duties and assists with special projects as requested; collaborating with multiple departments on projects. We issue keys to buildings, manage the work order system and provide financial accounting for projects and maintenance.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide and communicate with the level of professionalism, integrity, energy and attitude that is synonymous with Colorado College success. Safety, security, sustainability and efficiency are the criteria that we use to provide our support in maintaining Colorado College.

NamePositionYr Employed
Sally Eisentraut CMMS Production Administrator 1988
Randy Nehls Accounting Coordinator 2002
Darrelyn Lei Keale Staff Office Assistant 2013
Laurice Rovella Administrative Assistant 2006
Sarah Mahon Staff Office Assistant 2014



The plumbing shop is responsible for maintaining all piping, to include sanitary sewer, storm drains, non-potable irrigation water main lines, water lines, fire protection water lines, gas lines.  The shop is also responsible for operations and maintenance of all interior plumbing fixtures.

Plumbing Shop Mission Statement:

We provide highly experienced, quality services, and timely response to all requests.

NamePositionYr Employed
Marcus Moreno Lead Plumber  2014
Sam O'Neill (retired 2013) 1985-2013
Tom Haines (retired 2015)



Purchasing / Support Services

Support Services sustains functions and operations of Facilities Services as well as other campus wide departments.  Such services offered are purchasing, events planning & management, office relocations, property disposal functions, receiving, warehouse and storage of supplies and equipment and project support.

Support Services Mission Statement:

The mission is to be a leader in providing exceptional customer service to all staff, faculty and students;  to be proactive and efficient in offering these services to the campus community;  to exercise excellence in stewardship by proactively participating and promoting good business practices and financial responsibility.

Support Services Staff

NamePositionYr Employed
Brad Fairbanks Support Services Specialist 1997
Mike Starr Supervisor/InterimSupport Manager 2000
Matt Doughty Events 2014
Kris Higginbotham Events 2000



The Transportation Department of Colorado College is responsible for the maintenance and repair of approximately 125 vehicles owned by the College. Vehicles range in size from golf carts to 45 passenger highway buses. Scheduling of vehicles and drivers for academic, athletic and administrative travel are also handled through the Transportation Office.

Transportation Mission Statement:

The mission of the Colorado College Transportation Department is to maintain a fleet of clean, safe and reliable vehicles. Sustainability and reducing the College’s carbon footprint will be given high priority in all aspects of our operation.  The Transportation Department shall employ mechanics and drivers that maintain standards consistent with the core values and mission statement of Colorado College. Customer service, satisfaction and safety shall always be the top priority of Transportation staff and management. 

NamePositionYr Employed
Bob Winkelblech Supervisor 1984
Jim Vauthrin Driver/Mechanic 2002
Nolan Keale Driver/Mechanic 2009
Glen Powers Early AM Service Mechanic 2002
Gordon Werner On-call driver 2004
Daryl Warren On-call driver 2014
Rob Dolce On-call driver 2011
Bob Copelli On-call driver 2013
Contact Information

Facilities Services
1125 Glen Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80905
Phone: (719) 389-6568
Fax: (719) 389-6981

Contact Us 

After hours/Emergency Contact

Campus Safety: (719) 389-6707

Hours of Operation

Monday thru Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.