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Baca Experiences

The educational uses of this scenic and richly historical site are almost endless. Biology classes study the flora and fauna; geology students examine the landforms; cultural astronomy classes view the breathtaking skies; and English classes draw upon the serenity and beauty for inspiration. Nearly 2,000 students and faculty utilize the Baca each year.

Former President Richard Celeste - "The overwhelming popularity of the Baca campus among our students and faculty, in particular, is no surprise. What a stunning setting for learning, especially field study. What a uniquely peaceful place for reflection and leaving behind the buzz of the everyday world. What an unparalleled mix of spiritual, agricultural, artistic, and ethnic communities. Not to mention the best star-gazing around."

A recent student - "I would never have met these people had it not been for this class. After Baca, I feel like I really know them."

Mario Montaño, Professor of Anthropology - "During their stay a la Baca, students encounter people, material culture, language and history, and in doing so, they begin to understand the research procedures involved in solving their cultural and historical research problems."

Dan Tynan, Professor of English - "I admit it from the start: I’m a Baca addict. I use it whenever I can for whatever course I’m teaching. The first time I used it, I had no idea what the effects might be. A student asked me if I would serve as faculty sponsor for a group of students organizing a theme house. I said yes. Perhaps I should have just said no. Since then, I’ve been to the Baca campus many times, although not as many times as I would like. I’ve been hindered only by bad timing in booking reservations or by the births of children, including a set of twins. In the spring of ’92, Joan Stone and I taught a course called Spiritual Journeys in Poetry; naturally, we took our class to the Baca for four days."