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Research Symposium

  • President Jill Tiefenthaler and parents at SCoRe Symposium during Family and Friends Weekend
  • Asheton Gilbertson '18 "Burning Transformations: How Fire Impacts Nutrient Cycling Along Rocky Mountain Hillslopes" (Faculty Collaborator: Rebecca Barnes)
  • Samuel Andrew '18 "Colorado's Prison Population 1878-1940" (Faculty Collaborator: Carol Neel)
  • Judy Fisher '20 "Our Persistence is Resistance: Incorporating Indigenous Voices and Values in Postsecondary Retention Strategies" (Faculty Collaborator: Dwanna Robertson)
  • Amanda Martin '19 "Computational Chemistry Across the Department Curriculum" (Faculty Collaborator: Sally Meyer)
  • Nathan Goodman '19 "When forever comes, we will be here: A policy prospective on Indigenous cultural resource management" (Faculty Collaborator: Santiago Guerra)
  • Hannah Rider '18 "Managing the Masses: Recreation Management on Pikes Peak" (Faculty Collaborator: Walt Hecox)
  • Harper Sherwood-Reid '18 "With senses on Full: Michel Serres and David Forester Wallace" (Faculty Collaborator: Corrine Scheiner)
  • David Eik '19 "Quantification of Mating and Mating-Type Switching with Flow Cytometry in Qgataea polymorpha" (Faculty Collaborators: Sara Hanson and Olivia Hatton)
  • Brittany Camacho '17 "No Man Dares to Walk the Earth Alone: African Resistance, War, and the Law on Hispaniola, 1520-1550" (Rutgers: Faculty Collaborators: Kim Butler and Walter Rucker)

The SCoRe (Summer Collaborative Research) Symposium is the culminating event after a summer of collaborative research conducted by Colorado College students and faculty. It brings students, faculty, and family together for a series of short presentations, poster sessions, and discussions across a variety of academic disciplines. The collaborative research presented is funded by the Dean’s Office Faculty Student Collaborative Grant, departmental funds, other internal grants, and external research grants.

The 2017 symposium was the fourth annual symposium to celebrate the research achievements of our students. 

Please review the programs, presentations, and projects highlighted by our students by reviewing the PDFs below. 

SCoRe Program 2017   SCoRe Symposium Program 2016

 SCoRe Symposium Program 2015    SCoRe Symposium Program 2014