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    Student Research Opportunities

    One of the ways Colorado College creates a superb liberal arts learning environment is to support student research experiences. Our research-active faculty scholars mentor students in collaborative research during the academic year, as well as in the summer. During summer research students also participate in co-curricular educational programming to further support their learning.

    • Chemistry and Biochemistry: Prakhar Gautam '20 with Prof.Eli Fahrenkrug
    • Anthropology: Ella Axelrod '19 with Prof. Scott Ingram
    • Organismal Biology and Ecology: Elsa Godtfredsen '19 with Prof. Shane Heschel
    • Music: Kyrie Newby '21 with Prof. Ofer Ben-Amots
    • Environmental Science: Story Schwantes '19 and Melissa Taing '19 with Prof. Lynne Gratz
    • Mathematics: Zhaopeng Li '19 with Prof. Beth Malmskog
    • Molecular Biology: Jules Olliff '19 with Prof. Sara Hanson

    Steps to Get Involved


    Just starting to think about how to find research opportunities? Read more about the steps to get started in student research.

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    Research Grants, Fellowships, and Scholarships

    field research

    The Office of the Provost supports a number of academic grants for independent research, student initiatives, and students presenting research at conferences. Colorado College also has grant opportunities available in addition to academic grants.


    For Faculty and Staff

    kevin holmes

    Information for faculty and staff on how to process scholarships and fellowships, issue departmental awards, and read about additional opportunities and support for student research.

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    Summer Programming

    Podcast lunch 7Students participate in workshops for professional development, travel on field trips, and meet guest lecturers as a part of the co-curricular research program in the summer.


    Research Spotlight

    Listen to these student research podcasts! Students from across the disciplines have worked with Professor Ryan Bañagale to create podcasts of their research.

    Presenting Research CSURF Conference

    Every year at Family and Friends Weekend, students present their research at CC's Student Research Symposium. Additionally, students have many opportunities to present their research on campus, regionally, and nationally. 

    Conference Grantsconference poster

    CC provides funding for students to present their research at regional and national conferences, giving an opportunity for students to share their research, learn about cutting edge research in the field, and network with scholars and professionals.
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    Research by Topic

    Research lab

    Colorado College faculty members conduct research in many areas of study, ranging from the lab and field sciences, social sciences, humanities, performing arts to community engaged research.  Explore the research in CC's departments and interdisciplinary programs, as well as research opportunities by topics outside of CC.


    Data and Facts


    Looking for common information on SCoRe data? This interactive dashboard has the most frequently requested data. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions

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