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Q: I am interested in doing research in the summer at CC. How do I find opportunities?

A: Talk to your professors and find out what research projects they are planning for the summer and if they plan to take on students. Start planning early-- many professors begin to identify and select their summer research students early in the spring semester.

Q: How much is the summer research stipend?

A: For a student participating in a full 10 weeks of summer research, they can typically count on a stipend of about $4,000. 

Q: Is there support for housing?

A: Students who receive need-based financial aid and who also receive summer research stipends from working with a CC faculty member are eligible to apply for the Dean's Office Student Researcher Housing Scholarship. The award covers up to 10 weeks of on-campus housing at a double room rate and is need-based. Students who receive the highest level of need-based aid at CC can count on receiving housing scholarships that will totally cover the research housing cost. Students with moderate financial need will receive a scholarship that will partially cover the financial aid. The application typically opens after spring break and the link will be posted on this website. Students receiving the housing award must purchase a summer meal plan.

Q: Where can I present my work after my summer research?

A: Students present their research in a variety of outlets. All CC students receiving some form of college support (stipend, housing award) present at the Summer Research Symposium that is held in the fall semester at Family and Friends Weekend. Additionally many students also present at CSURF (Colorado Springs Undergraduate Research Forum) as well as in their departmental senior research presentation day. Students with strong projects will often present at national conferences and be supported by the Conference Presentation Grant for their conference attendance.

Q: Who do I contact for questions?

A: Lisa Schwartz or 719-389-6685