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  • Asheton Gilbertson (Burning Transformations) and Kelsey Maxwell (How does fire shift the size, timing, and fate of laterally exported particulate and dissolved carbon pools from montane watersheds) with Prof. Rebecca Bates- Environmental Program
  • Jake Emilio and Kaia Harbor (Microwave Assisted Solid Super Acid Catalyzed Multicomponent Syntheses) with Prof. Habiba Vaghoo- Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Keirsten Brown and Anna Wermuth (Testing for shade intolerance in tamarisk) with Prof. Shane Heschel- Organismal Biology & Ecology
  • Katelin Teigen and Paige Anton (Probiotic influences on development of executive functioning in rats) and a volunteer with Prof. Lori Driscoll- Psychology
  • Sarah McAuley (An Environmental History of the Colorado College Bird Collection) with Prof. Amy Kohout- Environmental Studies/History
  • Sohair Abdullah (Studies in High Pressure Physics) with Prof. Phillip Cervantes- Physics


Professor Ryan Bañagale's podcasts highlighting student research

Student Research Opportunities

Colorado College's mission is to provide a superb liberal arts education for our students and one of the ways we achieve this goal is through providing student research experiences in the academic year and summer. Research students also participate in co-curricular educational programming during the summer and in the academic year to further support their learning.  

Each summer at Colorado College, over 100 students are engaged in on-campus and off-campus summer research with a faculty mentor. If you are a student interested in summer research, learn more about how to get involved, get to know your professors' research expertise, explore what kinds of research projects students have done in summers past by looking at past symposium programs, and look ahead at the summer professional development programming.

Start early: In January and early February, contact faculty members to ask about summer research experience

Every fall at family weekend, we celebrate the research collaborations in a Summer Faculty-Student Research Symposium. Attend the symposium or visit the symposium's webpage to learn more about other students' projects.