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College-Wide Opportunities

The following opportunities, open to all Colorado College students, are organized alphabetically based on the office or organization responsible for administering the funding.

The Career Center

  • The Career Center administers funds toward supporting first-generation college students who are participating in unpaid or underpaid summer internship and seeking to fulfill a financial gap. Students should see application instructions on the Career Center website. Deadlines are typically in February and March.

Colorado College Student Government Association

  • CCSGA supports student events each school year.  Remember to apply for funding at least two weeks before the event. Funding requirements are available here. Funding forms are available here.  For more information, please review the CCSGA webpage.

The Dean’s Office

  • Venture Grants: Students may apply for up to $1000 from the Dean’s Advisory Committee for research or conference support. Proposals are considered on a blockly basis. More information can be found here.
  • Life of the Mind Grants: Interested students may apply for Life of the Mind Grants, which are considered on a blockly basis by the Dean’s Advisory Committee. Groups of three or more students are encouraged to apply for up to $3000 to support projects or speakers that enrich the Colorado College community.
  • Visitng Speakers: Interested faculty or faculty collaborating with students may bring distinguished visitors to the campus for a period of a few days to a week. The visitors may give campus-wide lectures, lectures to classes, lead informal seminars, or perform for faculty and students. Proposals should try to maximize the exposure of the visitors to the campus community. An all-campus lecture is recommended. (Requests for full block visitors should go through the department chairs to the Dean of the College for funding.) Proposals should be submitted by faculty to the Dean's Office. Instructions for submitting proposals are available in the Dean's Office. For more information contact Re Evitt, Associate Dean of the College (x6687) or Rita Zook at (x6686). 
  • Faculty-Student Collaborative Grants:  These faculty-submitted grants involve students in the faculty member’s research activities and provide these students with a first-hand research experience as undergraduates. The grant pays $2500 to the students for a ten-week commitment. Faculty mentors receive $500 in their research accounts to defray lab, field or other expenses at their discretion. The Dean’s Advisory Committee reviews these applications. Typically, 10 grants are awarded each year. Generally due early in Block 7. Contact the Associate Dean of the College at x6686.

The President’s Office

  • The President of Colorado College supports student projects through the President’s Discretionary Funds. Proposals are considered on a rolling basis and offer up to $500 of support. A student may receive funding only once during his or her four years at CC. Click here for the application.