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Conference Presentation Grant

The Conference Presentation Grant is to offset costs for students who are presenting their research at a conference.


  • The student must have been accepted to present as an (co)author at a peer-reviewed/juried conference (e.g., presenting a paper or poster, or leading a symposium or workshop).
  • The student must be registered full time at CC or participating in a CC-approved off-campus study program at the time of the conference (unless they qualify for the thesis/capstone exemption).
  • If the conference is in the summer (after Block 8 and before the following Block 1), the student must be registered in the Fall Semester following the summer conference.
  • Thesis/capstone exemption: Graduating seniors presenting their thesis/capstone are eligible to apply to this grant if the conference is before August 31, but after their graduation date.
  • Priority will be given to students who have not previously received a conference grant.


Student application submitted on Summit (please enter Summit through your Colorado College Single Sign In)

Faculty statement of support due on Summit (please enter Summit through email prompt of student request for faculty reference)

First Wednesday 11:59pm of each block

Once the application is submitted, Summit will ask for faculty letter of support.

Second Wednesday 11:59pm of each block

Notification:       Final Wednesday of the block

Funds available: If the application is approved, students can immediately make purchases and submit receipts for reimbursement as soon as the student receives official notification from the Provost's Office. If a cash advance will be needed, funds will be available by the end of day of the first Friday of the following block.

Terms of the award

Covered expenses Eligible students can apply for up to $1,000 to cover conference expenses: 

  • round-trip least-expensive air travel
  • if driving a personal vehicle, the cost of gas will be reimbursed with receipts
  • ground transportation at the location of the conference
  • student registration fee for the conference
  • up to three night's lodging – the student is expected to find the most reasonable and economical lodging. If possible, share a room instead of getting a single. Conference websites often have tips for student housing options. 
  • meals (up to $25 per day for a maximum of four days)


Reimbursement: ALL RECEIPTS MUST BE KEPT and submitted for processing after the conference. Failure to keep and submit receipts may lead to the revocation of the entire award. Expenses, documented by receipts, for up to the awarded amount will be reimbursed.  If paying for the expenses and getting reimbursed will create hardship, indicate the need for a travel cash advance in the application. Receipts will still be needed. When presenting at a conference, the IRS considers the funds given to the presenting students as a CC business expense because the presenting students are representing CC and sharing the scholarship they have done with the faculty and staff collaborators.


Students should complete the Conference Presentation Grant application on Summit. We recommend that applicants prepare the application in a word processing software (MS Word, Pages), and then cut and paste the answers into Summit. All applications will require a statement of support from the faculty mentor/supervisor of the research that is to be presented.

The two student-generated sections of the application are:

1. Conference Information

  • Dates, name of the conference, location, website
  • Title of the (accepted) presentation, conference abstract
  • Name of faculty research-advisor

2. Budget and explanation

  • Travel cost: flight cost, ground transportation at location of conference
  • Lodging (up to three nights)
  • Meals (up to $25 per day, up to four days)

Final step: Faculty reference. Each application will need a brief statement of support by the faculty research advisor. Student applicants will indicate in the Summit application who the faculty reference is, and Summit will automatically send an email request to the faculty reference when the applicant submits the Summit application.