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Departmental and Programmatic Funding

Anthropology Department

Research support for anthropology majors is provided by the Kathleen A. Jones Memorial Fund. Funds are requested with the honors thesis proposal due the first Monday of Block 8, junior year. For more information see the Anthropology Majors Handbook or contact the current department chair.

Asian Studies Program

The Asian Studies Department offers support for independent student inquiry by majors and non-majors into the broad field of Asian Studies. This is primarily done through the Gaylord Prize for Asian studies and the Asian Language Studies Prize. More information on these prizes can be found here. The department also has connections with the American Association of Teachers of Japanese, which provides funding opportunities through the Bridging Scholarship for study in Japan.

Biology Department

The Biology Department supports student research through endowed funds and the departmental budget. Students may request up to $2000 from the Robert Stabler Award to support research at terrestrial field stations. Applications accepted on a rolling basis. Contact department chair Prof. Brian Linkhart or staff assistant Donna Sison for more information.

Interested students may apply for funds from the Mary Ella Gilmore Magnusson Fund (amount variable, usually not more than $500) to support research. Students should discuss project ideas with a relevant faculty member by the first Friday of Block 7.

Departmental funds are available to support independent study blocks within the Biology Department (BY309/409). Students should discuss funding needs with the sponsoring faculty member as early as possible since funds are limited (less than $500 per student).

Classics Department

The Classics Department supports student research through the Hartwell Fund, which provides Classics, Classic-History-Political Science, and Classics-English majors with funds for study or travel. The fund has an annual payout of $3,500, which also provides awards for exceptional majors at Honors Convocation. Funds are typically used for summer language study or senior thesis work. The fund is distributed on a rolling basis with most summer research proposals submitted by Block 7.

The Hartwell Fund is supplemented by departmental discretionary funds in years with many projects and may provide support for projects with direct classical content.

Contact department chair Prof. Owen Cramer for more information.

Economics and Business Department

The Economics and Business Department offers support for student research through the generous donation of Van Skilling ’55. Funding is offered for majors only, and proposals are due by the first Friday of Block 3. Outstanding papers will be considered for additional funding to enable students to present at a national conference. Contact Profs. Mark Smith, Judy Laux, or Esther Redmount with any questions.

Environmental Program

Through renewed support from alumnus Grant Lyddon, the Environmental Program supports student-faculty collaborative summer research. The student receives $2,500 and the faculty receives $500 for his or her research fund. Only majors are eligible for these funds. Faculty-submitted proposals are due in the spring each year.

Feminist and Gender Studies Program

The Feminist and Gender Studies Program has discretionary funds for students who seek support for FGS-related events or research. Non-majors are welcome to seek events funding, but research proposals are accepted only from FGS majors/minors. Proposals are reviewed on a rolling basis at blockly business meetings. Please remember that proposals must be directly related to feminist or gender studies. Contact Prof. Tomi-Ann Roberts or staff assistant Linda Inzer for more information.

French, Italian & Arabic Department

Students may apply to the Madre Merrill Fund for funding. Additionally, the Jeanne Gibbs Fund supports female French and Francophone Studies majors who are travelling abroad. The deadline is rolling. Students are encouraged to apply early and before they depart. Please contact departmental staff assistant Teresa Latimer.

Geology Department

The Geology Department offers several grants from the Buster, Hannigan Field, and Creager Field Funds. Grants are available to geology majors only, and proposals are reviewed on a rolling basis. Contact department staff assistant Mandy Sulfrian for more information.

German, Russian & East Asian Languages Department

The German Department offers an annual year-long scholarship award to the Universities of Rgenesburg and Göttingen. The department also regularly subsidizes airfare for the Lüneburg semester with funds from the Max Kade Foundation. The department has no funds for independent study. Please contact department chair Prof. Richard Koc for more information.

History Department

The History Department maintains the Cosgrove Student Research Fund to provide majors with up to $800 of funding for research-related expenses. Applications are accepted the first Monday of each block. Please contact office coordinator Sandy Papuga for more information.

Music Department

The Music Department offers scholarships for declared majors and minors to take one set of music lessons per semester for free. A second set of music lessons is offered to majors/minors for a reduced price of 50%. Senior music majors are encouraged to apply for funding support ($250) for their senior capstone project. Contact the department chair Prof. Ofer Ben-Amots or department coordinator Stormy Burns for more information.

Physics Department

The Physics Department offers research support from the Myer’s Fund for declared majors’ research (during the summer/school year). This fund is to be used only for student research and does not provide conference or field trip support. Contact department chair Patricia Purdue or staff assistant Linda LaBue Johnson for more information.

Political Science Department

The Political Science Department has endowed funds to support declared majors’ research efforts. These requests are considered on a rolling basis. Contact department chair John Gould or staff assistant Jenn Sides for more information.

Psychology Department (which houses the Neuroscience major)

The Psychology Department supports majors’ research projects through the Sabine Fund. Psychology and occasionally neuroscience majors can request funds from department chair Prof. Lori Driscoll. Neuroscience majors can request funds from the Vernon Smith Fund. Applications are considered on a rolling basis.

Religion Department

The Religion Department offers support through the Sheffer Fund for Roman Catholic Studies. All students with relevant projects are welcome to apply; applications are accepted on a rolling deadline. Contact department chair Prof. Tracy Coleman for more information. 

Southwest Studies Program

The Southwest Studies Program has money to support capstone projects of majors and minors. Each student can request up to $1,000. The Program also provides funding support for research projects topically related to the Southwest. Contact the Southwest Studies Program for more information. Requests are considered on a rolling basis. 

Sociology Department

The Sociology Department supports student research though the O’Connor Fund. Declared majors may apply for up to $500 from the Daniel Patrick O’Connor Memorial Lectureship Endowed Fund for research and travel expenses. Proposals are to be submitted by the first Mondays of Blocks 2 and 4 to departmental staff assistant Michele Klein.

Senior sociology majors may also apply for thesis funds (around $250) to support research. Proposals are accepted on a rolling basis. Contact department chair Prof. Kathy Giuffre for more information.

Spanish Department

Students may apply to the Madre Merrill Fund for funding. Please contact departmental staff assistant Teresa Latimer.