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Nationally Competitive Fellowships and Scholarships

There are dozens of external scholarships and fellowships available to Colorado College students and graduates. Learn about them here! Becoming aware of the variety of opportunities available is the most important step you can take – and the earlier, the better.  The most competitive opportunities require thoughtful planning over several months, so the sooner you learn about them, the more likely you are to develop a competitive application.

Opportunities Abound

The scholarship and fellowship opportunities available to you are diverse and exciting. They include opportunities for studying new languages, teaching English abroad, conducting research abroad, joining leading non-profit organizations as yearlong interns and fellows, and attending graduate school both in the US and abroad.  To help direct you to the best options, we have organized the opportunities based on when you are eligible to apply; these include opportunities for first-years and sophomores and opportunities for juniors, seniors, and recent alumni. Keep in mind: many opportunities remain available for several years after graduation.

Approximately 20 of the opportunities highlighted here require an institutional nomination. These opportunities are particularly competitive and require a heightened level of commitment to the process. 

Resources Available to You

There are a wide variety of resources available to you as you embark on this journey.

Campus Contacts  – This site highlights approximately 25 particularly competitive – and compelling – opportunities, and each opportunity is supported by at least one member of CC’s faculty or staff.  We recommend that you spend some time researching the opportunities that interest you the most, and then seek advice from the appropriate campus advisors (listed at the bottom of each scholarship/fellowship page). If you would like to discuss several options and which might be the best fit given your interests and goals, please email Roy Jo Sartin ( to initiate that process.

The Writing Center –  Roy Jo Sartin is a Writing Center Specialist with several years’ experience as a professional writer and writing consultant. She specializes in helping writers with high-stakes projects like theses, articles, and fellowship and grant applications. Contact her ( early in the process for help in strategizing, planning, and writing your application materials.

The Career Center – Many of the most competitive opportunities require an interview.  This is great opportunity to demonstrate that you are the right fit, but you must prepare.  Visit the Career Center’s “Interviewing Skills” page to begin the process.

Components of an Application

While the selection criteria and application guidelines vary for each of the opportunities, most applications include the following three key components:

  • Essays (such as research proposals and personal essays)
  • Letters of recommendation (from faculty members, supervisors, mentors and others)
  • Personal interviews (some on campus, some in Colorado and elsewhere)

Important tip: Before investing many hours in developing an application for a particular opportunity, read the application guidelines – everything from eligibility information to formatting instructions – word for word.  A small detail could have a significant impact on how you approach your application – and in some cases, whether you even choose to apply.

Broader Benefits

Fellowship applications reflect hours of thought, planning, and conversations; some result in funding, some do not. But regardless of whether you are ultimately successful in your application, you will find this process fulfilling in unexpected ways.  Past applicants note that they made valuable contacts with faculty, as well as professionals across the globe; improved their writing and interviewing skills; and benefited  substantially from the opportunity to articulate their values, accomplishments and life goals.  If you allow yourself the time to engage meaningfully in this process, you will emerge much stronger for it.