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    Open Door Scholars

    Colorado College is a blending of many communities, none more compelling than its intense, varied and singular collection of master teachers. As august, offbeat and exemplary as this bunch is, it is not common that they see each other teach!

    Developed in the spirit of interdisciplinary interaction by Profs. Pedro de Araujo (Economics and Business), Rebecca Tucker (Art), Dani Arroyo-Rodriguez (Spanish), Matthew Whitehead (Mathematics and Computer Science), and Mike Siddoway (Dean’s Office), Open Door Scholars is an entirely volunteer on-line bulletin board that helps faculty members plan visits to colleagues’ classrooms. The purpose of these visits is to promote ongoing pedagogical discussions that are relevant to our everyday practice as instructors and to our overall professional development. Professional, peer-to-peer conversations are crucial in teaching, and can lead to great improvements and new directions as well as more collegiality, enhanced connections across the college, innovative teaching ideas, better job satisfaction, and a stronger professorial community.

    A faculty member who invites colleagues to visit simply identifies available times using the form at the link below, and provides contact information for prospective visitors. Those who sign up via the form will be listed on this webpage for easy access by colleagues interested in making visits. Once a visit is set up, we hope that arrangements will be made for a reciprocal visit. It would be great if all volunteers could visit (and be visited by) another colleague once a semester. When faculty members have completed visits that make sense for them, we encourage participants to have lunch together to discuss what they’ve observed/learned, and bring the receipt to the Dean’s Office for reimbursement.

    To reiterate: Here’s how you volunteer to participate.

    1) Go to the form to volunteer (you will be prompted for your CC login).

    2) Fill out the form. You will be asked to provide your name, contact information, and times during the current semester when you welcome visitors to your classes. You will also be able to indicate whether (and when) staff members can visit your classes.

    3) When you click “Send” your name will appear on the Open Door Scholars home page.

    4) Prospective visitors will see your name on the list and find out when a visit is possible.

    If you have any questions about the program, please contact Mike Siddoway at

    Please note that these visits are not for the purposes of any official review, but instead are collegial conversations for the pedagogical benefit of those who volunteer for the activity.

    Name Department/Program Phone Number Courses Taught and Times Available
    Alistaire Tallent French and Italian 6623 Block 3: Cultural Context and Written Expression; 9:30-12 any day except 10/28, 11/9 and 11/11
    Carrie Ruiz Spanish & Portuguese 6628 Block 6, SP201. Class from 9:15-12:15. Any day open for visits except Fridays which are exam days.
    Christine Siddoway Geology x6717 GY100 In Extinction's Embrace: Geological Perspectives on Contemporary Nonfiction regarding Climate Change (Block 7) mornings, 9:15 to 12:15 (unless on field trip), please contact me to verify a specific date --or-- GY140 Physical Geology (Block 8) mornings, 9:15 to 12:15 (unless on field trips), please contact me to verify a specific date
    Claire Garcia Race, Ethnicity, and Migration Studies 6510 African American Women Writers, Block 7. Visit any time.
    Daniel Arroyo-Rodriguez Spanish & Portuguese Block 3 & 4: Spanish 201 (Intermediate Spanish) Any Tuesday/ Thursday Block 6: Spanish 333 (20th-21st century Spanish Literature and Culture) Any Tuesday/ Thursday
    Habiba Vaghoo Chemistry & Biochemistry CH 250 Structures of Organic Molecules-9 AM-noon in Olin 1. Time available to visit: Any day is fine with the following exceptions: 01/30, 02/06, 02/15 (exam days), 02/02, 02/14 morning lab.
    Helen Daly Philosophy Block 6: The Philosophy and Psychology of Concepts (co-taught with Kevin Holmes). I will lead the class on the following days, and would love to have other faculty join our class: Tues, Feb 23 - natural and artifactual kinds, social construction of reality Thurs, Feb 25 - signaling and concepts in nonhuman animals Tues, Mar 1 - the concepts of 'person' and 'self' Fri, Mar 4 - the concepts of 'sex' and 'gender'
    Jeffrey Treviño Music 6657 Block six: History and Technology of Video Game Music; 10:30-noon and 1:30-3 daily Block seven: Sound Art Studio, 10:30-noon and 1:30-3 daily
    Kristine Lang Physics 6821 Block 8. PC 136 How Things Work. 9 - 12 any day we don't have an exam.
    Michael Sawyer Race, Ethnicity, and Migration Studies 6976 Block 5: Race and Ethnicity in Moby-Dick: MTRF 0930-1230: Armstrong 255
    Michael Siddoway Mathematics and Computer Science 6141 GS222: Reënchanting the World - Block 2 2016 Mornings in the first two weeks. Gone to Baca in the third week.
    Pedro de Araujo Economics and Business 6470 Blocks 3 (Macro Theory 2), 5 (Macro Theory 2), 6 (Advanced Econometrics), and 8 (International Finance). Any day that is not an exam day in the morning from 9 to 12.
    Prentiss Dantzler Sociology Block 3: Social Inequality: Intersections of Race, Class, Gender and Sexuality Selected Lectures: Monday, October 19th 'Why is RCGS Important?" Tuesday, October 20th "Social Structures" Wednesday, October 21st "Embedded Ideology" Friday, October 30th "Understanding Privilege" Wednesday, November 4th "Special Topics: Music"
    Shane Burns Physics 6580 Block 8 PC 357 Astrophysics any day is fine.
    Stefan Erickson Mathematics and Computer Science x6541 Calculus 1, Block 3 Oct 19-22 (Mon-Thurs), 1:00-3:30pm Oct 26-29 (Mon-Thurs), 1:00-3:30pm Nov 2-6 (Mon-Fri), 1:00-3:30pm
    Susan Ashley History 6529 HY 104: Culture, Society, and History: The Mediterranean, blocks 5 and 6.
    Wade Roberts Sociology SO318 Politics, Inequality, and Social Policy; December 2nd; or others (just inquire).