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    Preparing Your Proposal

    If you are considering developing a grant proposal, please review the following information:

    Frequently Needed Information

    Here is some frequently needed information for grant proposals.

    Internal Proposal Approval

    It is vitally important that faculty members keep other members of the College informed of their grant application activity.  Reasons include:

    • The College is affected by external awards received, because additional staff time is necessary to administer funds and do the appropriate accounting, and faculty grants affect salary and benefits calculations and annual budgeting;
    • The College incurs liabilities and oversight for compliance of external funds;
    • The College also incurs liabilities for funded projects involving students as researchers, especially for projects that take place abroad;
    • Funded absences affect colleagues and the curriculum;
    • Some funding sources limit the number of applications from an institution, so conflicts may arise if others are unaware of faculty grant-seeking activities;
    • The College needs to track faculty applications as an indicator of faculty research/creative activities and productivity.

    Listed below are people with whom faculty should discuss all external applications and from whom signatures will be required:

    • Department chair.  Your chair can evaluate the project and provide feedback – and should be informed if sabbatical or course replacement is involved.  Please meet with your chair as early as possible in the application process.
    • If computer equipment is requested or technological support is involved in the project, please discuss the project with IT at least one month before the deadline; similarly, if laboratory or other equipment/physical space is required, please discuss the project and related research needs with the Chair of the Capital Equipment Committee.
    • If human subjects research applies or an assessment component is required, please consult Amanda Udis-Kessler in Institutional Research at least one month before the external application deadline.

    Consult with Tess Powers on whether you need to discuss your proposal with the following offices:

    • Business Office.  The Business Office will review the budget for its financial implications and would authorize any matching funds involved.
    • Dean’s Office.  The Dean will have final approval as the institutional authority.

    Given the above considerations, the College has implemented an internal grant approval process which should be submitted at least one week prior to the submission deadline.

    Please work with Tess Powers to complete the Authorization to Submit Form. Once completed, she will send it out via DocuSign. All signatures must be logged before submission.

    Overview of Proposal Components 

    While the requirements for every grant application differ, grant proposals usually entail the following components:

    • A narrative description of the proposed work.  While this component is primarily the task of the faculty member, the Director of Faculty Research Support can read early drafts to provide comments on its overall structure and message and later drafts for copy-editing and proof-reading.  The Director also can ensure compliance with formatting requirements, etc.
    • A budget.  After an initial discussion with the faculty member, the Director of Faculty Research Support can develop a first “draft” of the budget (and, if required, the budget justification).  The budget can then be fine-tuned as the proposed work comes into sharper focus during the narrative’s development.
    • Letter of support from the Dean or the President.  The Director of Faculty Research Support can assist with procuring these.
    • Language on Colorado College.  Depending on the nature of the proposal, the funder may seek background information on Colorado College.  The Director of Faculty Research Support can identify and tailor existing language or develop original language, as needed.
    • A CV highlighting your accomplishments, often limited in pages and in a requested format.

    Developing Your Budget

    Please see these guidelines for developing your budget request for salaries, travel, equipment and other costs.

    Proposal Submission

    Some funders require online submission by an “authorized institutional representative”; in such cases the Director of Faculty Research Support or a member of the Colorado College Grants Office will ensure that the Office of the Provost submits the proposal on the College's behalf. Other funders require an online submission from the faculty member only.  Still others require a hard-copy of the proposal; in such cases the Director of Faculty Research Support can prepare the necessary copies and the proposal package for delivery.

    In all cases, no proposal should be submitted in a vacuum. Please be sure to discuss any planned proposal with the Director of Faculty Research Support and become familiar with the Internal Approval Process of external grant proposals.