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Curated Lists - Some Caveats

I typically won't put opps on a curated list that are for less than $5K.

I have tried to cull out opps only for undergrad/graduate students/dissertations/post-graduate fellowships.

There are hundreds of residential fellowships at libraries and academic institutions across the country. With the exception of some short-term options, these typically won't be added to these curated lists on Pivot. Please see List of U.S. Residential Fellowships or the List of International Opportunities on the "Identifying Potential Funders" CC page

The curated lists are a work in progress! I will be adding to these over time. Please share opps with me if you see an opp that should be added to one of these lists. (I could also assign admin privileges to depart. staff.)

Some fields (the sciences, economics, the environment, education) have so many opps that I have not begun to prepare a curated list. Tailored Pivot searching is needed.

Regarding the use of the word "Top": This could mean one or more of the following:

"This should be on your radar"

"This is very competitive" / "A lot of people are eligible for these"

"SEGway could help you with these"

"This is an unusual category"

BUT it does NOT mean: "These are your only options"!

Regarding the "Top Sabb Opps - Non-Residential" - These are highly competitive because they are non-residential and pretty generous, BUT every CC faculty member should consider themselves eligible. SEGway could help you become more competitive

Regarding the "Top Sabb Opps - Residential" - There are hundreds of Fulbright options! Only a few are listed on this curated list in Pivot

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