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Faculty Mentoring Program

A new tenure-track faculty member is assigned to a tenured faculty member from outside of one's department. The mentor and the new faculty member will have multiple opportunities to meet and converse. The faculty mentor serves as a sounding board, a source of knowledge, perspectives, and advice, and is an experienced colleague who can help the new faculty member plan and develop a network of mentoring connections and relationships well suited to the faculty member's particular interests and goals.

We hope that your mentoring experiences will enable you to develop and thrive as a teacher-scholar, become familiar with institutional processes and practices, participate in the community, and find support and friendship from an important set of social and intellectual relationships. We encourage mentors and mentees to check in with one another every block, and to plan both casual and substantive conversations regularly. The college provides a modest allowance for meals and incidentals to encourage these mentoring conversations.

The mentoring experience will cover development as a teacher-scholar, institutional processes, and social-cultural support.

Mentoring guidelines for mentees (new faculty)

Mentoring guidelines for mentors

Mentoring Components

Last updated: 12/17/2020