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The Equity and Power Course Development Program

Program Description & Goals

Faculty from all disciplines are encouraged to participate. In this program, participants discuss the nuts and bolts of developing and teaching a course with an equity and power designation. Faculty are encouraged to participate in this program if they are interested in developing an equity and power course designation proposal.  In addition, faculty who currently teach courses with the equity and power designation are welcome to participate.

In this program faculty will:
  1. Review educational principles of antiracist and inclusive pedagogical approaches 
  2. Deconstruct their disciplines’ signature pedagogies for DEI strengths and problems 
  3. Identify equity and power topics in their fields 
  4. Develop an equitable syllabus and course assessments 
  5. Learn effective classroom strategies to manage tension that inevitably comes up when teaching about equity and power 

Note: The Equity & Power Course Designation Curricular Goals & Learning Outcomes Can Be Found Here 

Program Schedule 

Each session meets on the first Tuesday of each Block (J-Block thru Block 8) through the spring semester from 3:30 to 5:30. Below are the topics covered in each session. Participants should make every effort to attend all of the sessions for maximum impact of the program.   

Session 1: Curricular Outcomes & Learning Goals, Foundations of Inclusive and Antiracist Pedagogies 

Session 2: Signature Pedagogies by Discipline 

Session 3: Transforming Signature Pedagogies with Antiracist & Inclusive Teaching Approaches 

Session 4: Managing Tension in the Classroom 

Session 5: Inclusive & Equitable Syllabi, Grading Systems, Writing Assignments, Exams 


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*Books available in e-copy form through Tutt library 

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