Identifying Potential Funders

In the fund-raising world, the process of identifying external funders for particular projects is called "prospecting." So sharpen your pickaxe. It's time to search for gold.

Assistance with Prospecting

As the Director of Faculty Research Support, I am always available to identify potential funding sources for individual faculty. Because many funders have only one or two deadlines each year and they usually take several months to make determinations on awards, it is wise to identify potential funding sources roughly 24 months before you will need the funding. Therefore, please contact me as early in the process as possible.

Prospecting Independently

Colorado College community now has access the premier grants database, "Pivot." This product incorporates the more well-known grants database, "COS," but it also includes access to information on other researchers worldwide through the "COS Scholar Universe." Pivot integrates (and "pivots between") both of these services.

Get a sense of the funding landscape

It's wise to develop an understanding of the kinds of funding opportunities that are available to you. In an effort make this easier for Colorado College faculty, I have developed about 40 "curated lists" in the Pivot Grants Database. While these are (and will always be) a work in progress, they attempt to capture the key funding opportunities that are available to particular disciplines and particular audiences.

You are invited to search Pivot from any computer.

To make the most of this powerful resource, however, invest some time in learning about its features.

Training on Pivot

These Pivot Tips provide a quick overview of the sections of Pivot and provides preliminary guidance on creating an advanced search.

In addition, Pivot provides dozens of brief trainings on YouTube

A list of upcoming Pivot training webinars is available here:

  • Refworks
  • Then click on "Pivot for Researchers, Faculty and Staff"

Other Resources

Finally, if you are interested in residential opportunities either in the States or abroad, there are hundreds of options. You could scroll through these documents to find ones that interest you, and then search in Pivot for the most recent information:

List of US Residential Fellowships

List of International Opportunities

From Prospecting to Grant Writing

Whether we have two good funding prospects or several, our ultimate goal is to sit down several months before the proposal deadlines in order to discuss the funders' requirements - as well as your funding needs - in detail. By giving yourself plenty of time for this process, you will both improve your funding options and prepare better proposals - thereby becoming more likely to meet with success. I look forward to working with you in this process.

- Tess Powers, Director of Faculty Research Support

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