Immigration Fees Associated with Hiring International Faculty

The academic community at Colorado College is enriched by international faculty in visiting and tenure-track positions. When hiring faculty members who are not US citizens, permanent residents, or in other authorized employment categories, the College and the hiring unit will need to ensure that an appropriate type of visa for the new faculty hire is arranged. If the hire is for a tenure-track faculty position, the appropriate visa for the College to Sponsor is typically the H-1B (Temporary Worker), followed promptly by an application for Permanent Residency ("green card" holder). If the hire is for a temporary visiting faculty position, the J-1 (Exchange Visitor) visa is typically issued; (the College will not sponsor the H-1B visa. Depending on the citizenship and the nature of the hire, occasionally other visa types might be appropriate. Please refer to the Faculty Recruiting Handbook for guidelines for international faculty hiring and record keeping (section VIII and section IX).

There are additional fees associated with hiring international faculty. These guidelines will help faculty, staff, and new hires understand who is the responsible party for the fees involved in immigration processes.

Responsibilities of the Office of the Dean

  • Pays for the USCIS filing and processing fees and CC-approved legal processing fees associated with an immigrant or nonimmigrant petition in which CC is the petitioner. For different types of faculty, the following visas are most common:
    • tenure track faculty: H-1B and Permanent residency (employer sponsored).
    • visiting faculty: J-1 (CC does not sponsor green card applications that do not require employer sponsorship, such as EB-1A or family-based applications).
  • Pays for the USCIS expedited processing fees, if recommended by CC's immigration legal counsel.
  • Pays for J-waiver legal fees and USCIS filing fees.

Non-US National Hire's Responsibilities

  • Pays for USCIS filing fees, SEVIS fees, Adjustment of Status fees associated with their dependents, or other fees for other forms that the new hire is responsible for filing for oneself (e.g., I-765 Application for Employment Authorization for OPT)
  • Pays for all expenses associated with Adjustment of Status complications.
  • Pays for fees if the CC immigration legal counsel does not recommend USCIS expedited processing, but the international hire elects USCIS expedited processing for his/her own (non work-related) convenience.
  • Pays all fees related to the visa application at the U.S. consulate.
  • Pays for all fees related to having a valid passport.
  • Pays for all costs associated with any medical exams, vaccinations, pictures.

Hiring Department/Program/Office's Responsibilities

If the hiring department requires the international hire to travel, on college business, to a non-US country that requires the international hire to obtain a travel visa, the hiring department is responsible for fees related to the business-related non-US visa.

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