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    Pikes Peak Makerspace

    Creativity & Innovation funds eight student passes to the Pikes Peak Makerspace (PPM). PPM is a Colorado Springs nonprofit which fosters a maker-community by providing access to tools, machines, and materials, as well as by hosting classes and meetups around tinkering, creating, designing, and making.

    PPM resources:

    Possession of a membership card gets you access to the facility, tools, and a discount on classes. The accessible resources include: 

    • Computers installed with design software such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Fusion 360, SolidWorks, VCarve, and more. + a liquid-cooled Gaming Computer
    • A robotics area with weekly Saturday Meetups
    • Multipbe 3D printers (NinjaFlex, Prusa 3D) - Class required
    • A sewing Machine
    • HP Wide format plotter (HPGL), Vinyl cutter, materials
    • Two Laser cutters (Epilog, two sizes) - Class required
    • CNC router table Machine - Class required
    • Welding/plasma cutting - Class required
    • Tools for metal and wood: lathe, mill, bandsaw, table saw, etc.
    • Classroom area with projector and stereo
    • Printers (black/white and color) and paper
    • An electronics area with various electronics materials including an oscilloscope, solder reflow oven/soldering equipment, etc. 

    Passes to the PPM are available for students to check out on a blockly basis.

    How to use a PPM pass card:

    1. To check out a PPM pass, email Kara Carroll, at Indicate which block you would like a PPM pass for. 
    2. You will be placed on the list for the following block. If there is a waitlist, you will be notified if someone removes themselves from the list or does not show up to claim their pass, as well as put on the list for the next block. 
    3. When it is your block for the pass, come to Innovation at CC during first week to pick up your pass and sign the liability release. 
    4. Before you can use the PPM facility you must attend a "New Member Safety & Orientation." These are listed on the PPM meetup pageYou can attend the orientation any time before your block pass begins (i.e. if you know you cannot make it to a first week orientation of your pass block, you may attend one of the PPM hosted ones before that).
    5. Before you can use specific heavy duty machines (the CNC, the 3D printer, etc.), you must take a training class through the PPM. You can attend these classes and pay the reduced member only pricing any time before your pass month. (i.e. if you know you want to 3D print during block 3 but you see that the 3D printer training is hosted only once a month, you can attend and 3D printer training before you have your physical pass, in block 2, and pay the member-only price by indicating you are a CC student. You'll just have to knock on the front door rather than swipe in.)
    6. Return your makerspace pass before the end of you block (before block break). You must request permission to use pass over block break or to extend your pass into another block.