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    Student Resources

    Creativity & Innovation hosts student-led clubs such as the Build Team, and provides access to equipment and tools for design and light fabrication. Partnerships with community organizations, such as Pikes Peak Makerspace, extend the range of possibilities for design and prototyping.

    Event on Zoom While Distance Learning

    Creative Mondays
    Mondays, 3-5 p.m. MT
    Hosted by Creativity & Innovation

    Each Monday Creativity & Innovation invites everyone to join us in an informal, joyous online atmosphere, where you can let your creative energy flow. Participants work on creative projects while conversing, brainstorming ideas, or just hanging out.  No experience with any art form or specific materials are necessary. Facilitators can make suggestions about how to engage your creativity with whatever you have around you. You only have to bring your willing spirit, and all are welcome to drop in during the session at any time.

    Mindful Thursdays
    Every Thursday, 2:00 - 3:30 pm MT
    Ongoing online through Block 7 & 8

    Led by Barbara Bash, Mindfulness Resident for Creativity & Innovation. Barbara will guide a simple mindfulness process for self-connection and lead a circle practice of speaking and listening . We will use some variation of these three questions as a way to explore where we are:

    What am I feeling ?
    Where is the discomfort - the sadness ?
    What is moving me forward - next steps ?

     Please arrive on time - 2 pm MT

    Questions ? contact -

    Join Zoom Meeting Here:
    Meeting ID: 134 978 735

    Tranquil Tuesdays
    Tuesdays,7:30-8 p.m.
    Different hosts each week!

    Tranquil Tuesdays is a contemplative space to reflect and pause before sleep that honors that rest is a sacred and radical act. New hosts each week.

    Read the Event Digest for the zoom link and who is hosting!
    Mindful Stress Management
    Wednesdays, 4-5 p.m. 
    Hosted by the Wellness Resource Center

    Experiencing stress is a part of life that can be overwhelming and challenging, but we can build our capacity to respond to stressful situations. Join us to explore how mindfulness practices may help you manage stress. Every Wednesday through Block 8. 


    Student Clubs & Projects


    Laser Cutter

    Creative Mondays

    Pikes Peak Makerspace