MIndfulness Practitioner in Residence

Myra Jackson

January 3rd - March 20, 2022

Creativity & Innovation is excited to announce Myra Jackson as our Mindfulness Resident from January 3-March 20, 2022. During her residency, Myra will offer a Dynamic Half-Block class, collaborate with faculty to conduct activities within classes, and offer workshops for staff, students, and faculty.  


Dynamic Half-Block: 

Innate Mindfulness: Exploring our Inner Ecology for Thriving on a Changing Planet 

January 11-21, 11 am to 1 pm MST each day 


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Course Description:  

We all hold basic – although often unconscious – assumptions about the very nature of reality, including our relationship with what is commonly called “nature” or “the environment.” As well, we have assimilated a variety of sensorial habits or filters that affect the way we perceive the world. These assumptions – together with sensorial and cognitive habits – may influence our ability to perceive the problems we face and also limit our imagination, making it more difficult to conceive of a path toward ecological sustainability and social well-being. As Albert Einstein noted, “the significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.” We may need a new vision of reality, or even a new modality of consciousness – a more ecological worldview – in order to address our most urgent crises and to create a more just and sustainable human society.  
This experiential course is an introductory exploration into Mindfulness as innate within humans. Through it, students will discover the innate somatic sentient intelligence within every human that is the rudimentary basis of Mindfulness. In this workshop, exposure to one's own sensorial doorways are utilized to open into the innate power within to explore the corresponding ecology within that connects every human to the ecosystems in which they live.  
With Nature as a companion, students will learn strategies to skillfully work with thoughts, emotions, and sensations, while developing their capacity to enhance mind-body awareness of present-moment experience to enhance connections to self, community, and the Earth. 

Myra's Biography:

Electrical Engineer, Organizational Development Professional and Founding member of the Gaiafield Project, Myra Jackson holds the title of Diplomat of the Biosphere awarded by Stockholm Resilience Centre, (SRC). Her primary work is focused on climate change, the Planetary Commons, Culture of Peace initiatives and public policy affecting the wellness of people and planet. Linking local and global policymaking, she is Senior Advisor, Whole Earth Civics, Geoversiv Foundation. In her role as, UN Representative in New York and Geneva, Myra serves as the focal point on climate change for the Commons Cluster of NGOs and expert on the UN Harmony with Nature Knowledge Network.  She facilitated Oprah Winfrey’s Belief series initiative as an official program of the United Nations hosted by the President of the 70th General Assembly in October 2015.

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