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    The Big Idea Dynamic Half Block

    The Big Idea Half Block class provides the opportunity for student teams participating in The Big Idea competition to refine and practice their pitches prior to the event. During the class, students receive extensive instruction and mentorship from instructors: Dez Stone Menendez, Director of Creativity & Innovation at CC; and Jake Eichengreen, Director of QUAD Innovation program. The Half Block class includes a deep-dive into workshopping pitches, as well as instruction in preparing all of the materials required for teams to compete in The Big Idea semi-finals. Because The Big Idea Half Block class focuses exclusively on supporting teams as they prepare to compete, registration in The Big Idea competition is required for enrollment in this class. Prior to the start of the Big Idea Half Block, students must also have completed rough drafts of the required Big Idea team materials including:

    • Core value statement
    • Executive summary
    • Business plan
    • Pitch deck of their startup concept

    While ideas may evolve and adapt in the Half Block class as students continue to iterate, the process of creating preliminary drafts of their materials will ensure that students have considered their ideas carefully and are prepared to engage fully in the Half Block course. The goal is for students to emerge from the course fully prepared for The Big Idea semi-finals. Creativity & Innovation at CC also strongly encourages students to participate in the Changemaker Workshop series, as each workshop will cover one of the four required team documents.

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