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Queer Nature

Multi-year Residents - Block 2, 2020 (September 21 - October 14), October 2019

Queer Nature_1Queer Nature is an education and social sculpture project based on Arapaho, Ute, and Cheyenne territories that actively dreams into decolonially-informed queer 'ancestral futurism' through mentorship in place-based skills with awareness of post-industrial/globalized/ecocidal contexts. Place-based skills include naturalist studies, handcrafts, "survival skills," and recognition of colonial and indigenous histories of land, and are framed in a container that emphasizes deep listening and relationship building with living and non-living earth systems.

Co-envisioned by Pinar At es Sinopoulos-Lloyd and So Sinopoulos-Lloyd, Queer Nature designs and facilitates nature-based workshops and multi-day immersions intended to be financially, emotionally, and physically accessible to LGBTQI2+ people and QTBIPOCs. "Queer Nature carries the story and hope that these spaces create resilient narratives of belonging for folx who have often been made to feel by systems of oppression that they biologically, socially, or culturally don't belong."



October 2019

During their residency, Queer Nature conducted a workshop in the Theatre/Dance course Queer Performance and hosted a block break experience at the Baca campus.

Queer Nature_2 with Queer Performance class and professor Ryan Platt

"Few times I've felt secure, safe and understood while being in outdoor spaces. Queer nature went far beyond a normal outdoor trip. For me, it meant understanding and respect, challenging my ideas and pushing my boundaries in a healthy and safe way. I am so glad I got this opportunity and all the learnings that came as a consequence. I hope more spaces will be available in the future for queer folks, spaces that are natural and aligned with queer principles, spaces that make people feel welcome, understood, heard, and loved. I deeply appreciated all the activities and the time I took for myself."

- Student who participated in a workshop with Queer Nature
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