Innovator In Residence Program Online

Jon Cohrs (Blocks 1-4, 2020)

Jon Cohrs_1

Jon Cohrs is a multi-media artist whose work uses public engagement, collaboration, and site-specific explorations to address issues around healthcare, the environment and technology. His most recent project, ocumentary film about the anthropocene. He is currently working on a project that explores the impact of climate change on homeless or vulnerable populations, and hopes to involve CC faculty and students in this topic. Jon is available to visit classes, screen his film, and work with faculty to develop assignments.

Reiko Yamada (Blocks 3 & 4 2020; 5 - 8, 2021)


Composer and sound artist Reiko Yamada's practice includes chamber, orchestral and electroacoustic music, sound art installations, and interdisciplinary collaborations. She is particularly interested in collaborations that use sound to provide alternative ways of accessing and understandings of the natural world. She offers workshops and activities that help students access their creative resources to reframe their disciplinary knowledge within new and surprising contexts. She also provides mentorship for students as they move through the stages of project development.

Sister Sylvester (Kathryn Hamilton)

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Sister Sylvester makes work, often essayistic performances, using first-hand research and found documents, inviting disruption into both the performance and the process, and looking for dissonance and difficulty in text, image and sound. She works with animals and technology to make cross species collaborations and cyborg theater. Her first work was about a person who was part cardboard box. Sister loves classic texts from theatre's underbelly, and her patron saints are Jean Genet, Bertolt Brecht and Joan Littlewood. She is available for presentations, class visits, and collaborating on projects that investigate interdisciplinary research and creative practices.

Erin Elder (Blocks 3 & 4 2020; 5 - 8, 2021)

Erin Eler

Erin Elder is a multidisciplinary creative practitioner guided by interests in land use, experimental collaboration, and non-traditional modes of expression. Her research-driven projects take highly participatory forms to bring audiences into a direct experience of particular places. Her current ongoing project, The Rites of Land is a research framework for creatively exploring distinct places that prioritizes subjective personal encounters with what is foreign or unknown but seeks to relate the complexities surrounding those sites. Erin offers workshops that help students access creative resources and engage in place-based creative explorations.

The Collective (Blocks 3 & 4 2020; 5 - 8, 2021)


The collective comprises visual artist Senga Nengudi, musician Eddy Kwon, and the performance duo Degenerate Art Ensemble (Crow Nishimura and Josha Kohl). They are presently combining their considerable talents to create a multi-media performance and exhibition piece that melds sculpture, movement, sound, and video. Gifted educators and artists, the collective offers workshops and experiences that help students access their innate creativity and also learn how to communicate and collaborate effectively.

Myra Jackson (Blocks 5 & 6, 2021)


Myra Jackson has enjoyed careers as an Electrical Engineer, Organizational Development Professional, Systems Thinker and Master Trainer. She has studied many of the world's religious and spiritual traditions in service to her lifelong fascination with the belief structures and cosmologies that captivate people and inform their lives. Linking local and global policy-making, she is a founding wisdom council member of the Gaiafield Project and Subtle Activism Network, and a Senior Advisor with the Geoversiv Foundation. In her role as UN Permanent Representative she serves as the focal point on climate change for the Commons Cluster of NGOs. Myra offers workshops and activities addressing cultivating creative practice within personal and academic contexts, the connection between mindfulness and social and environmental action, and holding conversations across difference.

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