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    Innovators in Residence

    Innovator In Residence Program Online

    The Innovator in Residence program is alive and doing well during the pandemic. While we miss hanging out in person with our brilliant Residents, distance learning has allowed us to expand our roster this year. Residents are available to participate in class discussions, host workshops, and collaborate to design and implement special projects for students.

    The Innovator in Residence program aims to embed creative professionals from a range of fields deeply into the Colorado College community. The Residency will allow for teaching opportunities and collaborations – both structured and spontaneous – and will help students to make connections between diverse, cultures, ideas, and creative problem-solving strategies through formal and informal learning opportunities. Although the Innovators in Residence represent a variety of fields, they share characteristics of flexibility, curiosity, and the desire to work across disciplines.

    Please contact Jessica Hunter-Larsen ( for more information, to schedule, or to brainstorm ideas.

    Check out our list of Online Innovators in Residence here!

    Past Innovators in Residence

    Cynthia Lowen

    Jessica Lynne

    Alan Ricks

    Michelle Gabrieloff-Parish and Ramon Gabrieloff-Parish

    Reiko Yamada

    Janani Balasubramanian

    Dr. Bon Ku

    Senga Nengudi, Eddy Kwon, Degenerate Art Ensemble