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    Faculty Creativity & Innovation Grant Recipients

    Tomi-Ann Roberts – co-sponsorship – Block B, 2019 – support for the 23rd Biennial conference of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research held on the Colorado College campus, $2,500

    Dwanna McKay—faculty grant; Block 1, 2019 -- to provide students with coping skills for when dealing with the difficult subjects in REMS by incorporating talking circles and participatory art in  Introduction to Race and Ethnicity, $1,500

    Sarah Hautzinger – faculty grant -- Block 1, 2019  – Community-based learning collaboration in the course Anthropocene using creative processes and products to connect with the Crestone community, $1,500

    Marion Hourdequin – faculty grant – Block 7, 2020 – campus visit by Souta Calling Last, founder and director of Indigenous Vision to explore opportunities for a collaborative project, in which students could participate in and contribute to the Indigenous Vision Interactive Map project.  This project, which is designed as a “citizen science” initiative, “is centered on empowering the Indigenous identity through virtual reclamation of traditional territories and asserting the Indigenous right and benefit of environmental stewardship”. $700

    Stephanie Doktor – faculty grant spring semester, 2020 – two projects engaging students to renvision course design and space use on the Block Plan “in ways that not only match the creativity of the block plan but also imaginatively move beyond it by thinking about what creative possibilities can happen within the block itself.” $2,540

    Iddo Aharony -- faculty grant -- Block 7, 2020-21 – For visiting video and multi-media artist Jessica Segall to work with the Environment and Sound class, co-taught with Prof. Tyler Cornelius. The end-product of this project will be a public audio-visual installation created collaboratively with students, that stimulates deep engagement with one’s environment  through processed field-recordings, projected landscape videos, interactive components, and other elements developed with the students. $5,750

    Jean Lee (Environmental Program) – faculty grant – Block 8, 2020. Funding to conduct a summer research project exploring the meaning of “just rural transitions” and the different ways this concept manifests itself in the Western Slope region of Colorado. The project will examine the different ways Colorado plans to transition to renewable sources of energy and identify opportunities for “just rural transitions” for communities that are natural resource dependent—specifically, communities that are dependent on coal, natural gas, or oil. Ultimately, the project will involve students and will offer them opportunities to work with concrete issues (e.g. renewable energy) and learning what it means to experiment—and possibly fail—with different ideas. $1,500.

    Amanda Bowman (Chemistry) – faculty grant – Block 8, 2020. Funding so support research in conservation science, with the objectives of 1) developing a student-driven research project in focused around conservation chemistry, and 2) to develop courses at Colorado College covering art chemistry, conservation science, and photographic chemistry. The research project will be conducted at the Conservation Science Lab at the Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA), and is supported by Project MUSE (MUseum Sabbatical Experience for faculty teaching at the arts science interface). Project MUSE gives chemistry professors the opportunity to spend several months in the Conservation Lab conducting on-site arts-based scientific research and technical studies of the collections. There is a natural overlap between art conservation and chemistry; both fields use many of the same instruments and techniques (such as microscopy and X-ray analysis), but with very different applications. $4,000.