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Creativity & Innovation Blocks in Action: The Moving Line

The Moving Line

Block 8, 2018, Block 6, 2020, Block 8, 2020, Block 7, 2021

Professors: Jane Hilberry, English; Barbara Bash

Course Description:

The Moving Line provides students with an in-depth exploration of creative practice. Drawing on two disciplines, creative writing and calligraphy, and incorporating practices designed to enhance mindfulness, Professors Jane Hilberry and Barbara Bash led students in exercises that connected them with their own creative resources and energies. The course is intended to help students cultivate habits that will support creativity and mindfulness throughout their lives. Texts include writings by Buddhist practitioners, writers and artists.

Assessment of The Moving Line Block 8 2018:

Nine of the 15 students in the class reported that it was the most transformation and impactful class they had taken at CC and many of the nine were seniors in their last Block at the college. Students from the course have repeatedly reached out this year to enquire on what other programming is available along the lines of the course that will allow them to feel supported and engaged in the practices they learned in the course. Annie Bronfman, a student in the course says of the class, "…by the end of the Block I was a better version of myself."

Student Evaluation Excerpts:

I loved this course so much and I am sad for it to come to an end. I wish that everyone would have the opportunity to take a class like this. I feel like I know myself better and I have a lot more tools I could use to express myself. I like knowing that art can be just for me or it can be something I share. This course gave me the opportunity to do both of those things.

This course has been one of my absolute favorites that I have taken at CC - if not my #1 favorite. I felt that every day we practiced mindfulness & creativity that not only was applicable to my writing & art, but my life as well. I feel more in tune with myself, the people around me, & the world as a whole - and that is something that is beyond valuable to me.

Student Evaluation Excerpts:

I more fully realized the importance of PRACTICE. It's all about practice. Practice every day. I also realized the desirability of something more like a Zen approach to art, a simplicity of expression that is an extension of oneself.

I think I will approach my creative practice with more mindfulness and quiet my inner critic to create work I am proud of, rather than work I think others will enjoy.

I've never been able to meditate, but something about the mindfulness practice (integrated into this class) allowed me to sit with myself comfortably and think slowly so I'd label it a success!

I really enjoyed starting each day with the sitting practice. It made me sit and actually look at "how I (was) showing up" each day. It's also something I've noticed myself doing throughout the day.

Mindfulness…helped me personally get into a relaxed and non-self-judgmental head space so that I could create freely for the rest of the class period. Seeing how much this practice helped my class self, I'm going to try to integrate it into daily life after this class.

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