Creative Problem-Solving in Action: Markets & Morality

In block 1 2018, Economic Professor Dan Johnson brought students from his Markets & Morality FYE to Creativity & Innovation for a creative problem-solving session that used techniques derived from Design Thinking. The guiding questions for the session included: How do organizations make decisions about complex issues? How do we identify key stakeholders, and what value do we place on their input? How do larger moral or ethical imperatives inform business decisions? The class engaged with these questions by participating in a creatPicture1ive problem-solving exercise based on a real-world situation experienced at other colleges in the last decade. The prompt invited students to work through the following scenario: In the context of a global recession that has caused a financial crisis for CC, should the school sell the artworks in the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center Museum at Colorado College's permanent collection? Students followed elements of the Design Thinking process to unpack the question, brainstorm solutions, and find ways to test ideas prior to implementation. Students then related their potential solutions and the processes through which they arrived at those solutions to concepts discussed in their class.

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