Creative Communication in Action: Advanced Genomics Laboratory

In block 3, 2019 students in Professor Sara Hanson's Advanced Genomics Laboratory participated in a sequence of creative communication modules designed to help them learn effective techniques to share their scientific knowledge with a broad audience. Activities included improvisation workshops to help students read and respond to their audiences and art and poetry workshops to develop visual and verbal communication skills. To contextualize the activities, students read articles and participated in facilitated conversations about the value of clear, vivid, and empathetic communication in science professions. The series concluded with a poster session in Tutt Library during which students shared original research with non-science audiences.

"I learned that it is difficult for non-science students to understand what we know. I learned that there are a lot more ways to go about getting better at explaining it than I had originally thought. I think practicing improv, acting, and performing are all helpful for feeling confident went speaking in front of people, interviewing, and presenting."- Reflection from a student who participated in the Creative Communication pilot session in the fall of 2019

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