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    **Please note that, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Creativity & Innovation space is closed for the Fall 2020 Semester**

    The Creativity & Innovation space is open to all students at CC to use freely, no reservation or notices needed.

    The first level is a workspace featuring whiteboards, desks, and chairs-- all on wheels, so that the space can be easily rearranged. The main level also houses a projector, a printer, and a couch. The basement level includes more workspace, a full kitchen, a makerspace, a 40-watt laser cutter, a loom, and a meditation room.

    Reserve the Space: To reserve the space for your club meeting, event, or project that requires exclusive use of the space, please contact SethWilson Gray, at

    Open Building Hours During Academic Year:


    9am - 9pm


    9am - 9pm


    9am - 9pm


    9am - 9pm


    9am - 5pm


     1pm - 4pm


    1pm - 4pm

    Please note, the Creativity & Innovation Building is closed during summer beginning at the end of block 8 to the beginning of block 1. 

    • These hours are effective through fourth week, Tuesday. Fourth week Wednesday until first week Monday we will only be open 9am - 5pm during weekdays.
    • If you have taken the laser cutter training, the laser cutter is open to use during any of the open building hours – please ask a staff member for access.
    • For swipe access through the north parking lot door, including during after hours and block breaks, please email SethWilson Gray at