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    Video is a powerful storytelling medium. At CC, we use it to highlight the student experience, our beautiful campus, and the rhythm of the Block Plan. We create upwards of 60 videos per year. You can check them out on the CC YouTube channel!

    The video producer oversees all video projects for external audiences. This means if you have a project for prospective students, alumni, the community, or more, you’ve come to the right place. (If you’re looking for a live stream or instructional video, please visit the AV page.) Please read through the guidelines on this page and then fill out the project request form located here.

    Filmmaking Best Practices

    • Shorter is better. We advise a video to be in the 1-3 minute range. If you don’t think your story can be told in that range of time, reconsider using video.
    • Show, don’t tell. Film is a visual medium, so your story needs to translate visually. Ask yourself, “Why should my audience watch this story instead of reading it? What is it about this story that can only be communicated through video?”
    • Innovate. We love crazy, different ideas. Throw us a curveball; we can handle it!

    Good things to know

    • The Office of Communications only creates edited promo-style videos. We do not handle live-streaming or recording events for archival purposes. Please contact AV with these requests.
    • The timeline for a video is a minimum of eight weeks. If you only require editing or only require filming (not both), we require minimum notice of four weeks before the event or due date.
    • We know video storytelling, so please include us early in the brainstorming phase to make sure all bases are being covered.
    • If we cannot handle a project due to timeline issues, we will give project input and recommend an external production person or company.