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Block I

Should Writers Use They Own English


Block VI

Leaving Home Sweet Home: Towards Critical Readings of Writing Center Spaces

When Something is Not Quite Right: Pragmatic Impairment and Compensation in the College Writing Tutorial by Rebecca Babcock


Block V

Tutor and Student Assessments of Academic Writing Tutorials: What is "Success"? by Therese Thonus

Half Block

The Phenomenolgy of Error by Joseph M. Williams

Block II

Editing Line by Line by Cynthia Linville 

Raising Questions about Plagiarism by Kurt Bouman


Block VI

The Top Twenty: A Quick Guide to Troubleshooting Your Writing by Andrea A. Lundsford, Stanford University 

Response to "'Mistakes Are a Fact of Life': A National Comparative Study" by Andrea A. Lundsford and Karen J. Lundsford by Tracy Santa and Harvey Wiener

Block V

Shari Stenberg's Cultivating Listening: Teaching from a Restored Logos


Half Block

Kenneth Bruffee’s, “Peer Tutoring and the ‘Conversation of Mankind’” 
Molly Wingate’s “What Line? I Didn’t See Any Line” 
Sondra Perl’s “What Is Felt Sense?”
John Trimbur’s “Peer Tutoring: A Contradiction in Terms?”  
Irene Clark and Dave Healy’s “Are Writing Centers Ethical?”  
Marilyn Cooper, “Really Useful Knowledge: A Cultural Studies Agenda for Writing Centers” 
Meg Woolbright, “The Politics of Tutoring: Feminism within the Patriarchy” 
David Bartholomae’s “Inventing the University” 
Nancy Grimm’s “The Regulatory Role of the Writing Center”  
Anis Bawarshi and Stephanie Pelkowski’s “Postcolonialism and the Idea of a Writing Center"   


Block II, 

Reading an ESL Writer's Text by Paul Kei Matsuda and Michelle Cox



Block V

GS 395 Peer Tutoring Practicum

Coping with Different Tutoring Situations by Leigh Ryan and Lisa Zimmerelli

Helping Writers Across the Curriculum by Leigh Ryan and Lisa Zimmerelli

The Writers You Tutor by Leigh Ryan and Lisa Zimmerelli

Helping Writers throughout the Writing Process by Leigh Ryan and Lisa Zimmerelli

Inside the Tutoring Session by Leigh Ryan and Lisa Zimmerelli

Block IV

Lessons of Inscription: Tutor Training and "The Professional Conversation" by Peter Vandenberg


Block III

Reassessing the Proofreading Trap: ESL Tutoring and Writing Instruction by Sharon Myers

Block II

Writing Analytically (excerpts) by

Is There a Creative Writer in the House? by Wendy Bishop

Shitty First Drafts by Ann Lamott

Block I

Tutoring Style, Tutoring Ethics: The Continuing Relevance of the Directive/NonDirective Instruction Debate by Steven J. Corbett


Block VIII

What They take with Them by Bradley Hughes, Paula Gillespie, and Harvey Kail

Block VI

Tutorial Grant Proposal Application by Madalyn Rilling, Becca Spira and Daniel Cohen

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