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Student Tutors

Our peer consultants represent majors from nearly all departments on campus, so chances are good that one of them has experience writing in your discipline. They are highly trained, enjoy the challenges of working with writers at all stages in the writing process, and uphold confidentiality about your work.

Please schedule an appointment with any of our peer consultants.

David Andrews

Major: Undeclared, Class of 2018
Reading: Cider House Rules;by John Irving
Listening: Tallest Man on Earth
Defining Place: Kings Canyon National Park   

David BaiDavid Bai

Major: Computer Science, Class of 2018
Minor: Physics
Reading: Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut
Listening: Sleeping Agent, Passion Pit, and The Strokes
Defining Article of Clothing: Green melanzana hoodie

Anna BalaguerAnna Balaguer

Majors: Classics and Political Science, Class of 2019
ReadingAmerican Pastoral by William Goldman
Listening: Get Your Shine On by Florida Georgia Line
Defining Flora: Tulip

Corey Baron

Major: Philosophy, Class of 2017
Minor: Spanish Language
ReadingThe Princess Bride by William Goldman
Listening: Plum
Defining Flora: Carrot

Hanna Bautz

Major: English (Literature), Class of 2017
Minor: Spanish
Reading: East of Eden
Listening: Beyonce
Defining Flora: Sweet Potato

Shiying ChengSC

Major: Political Science, Computer Science, Class of 2018
Minor: Journalism, History
ReadingBloomberg by Bloomberg by Michael R. Bloomberg
Listening: Any rhythm in the world
Defining Creature: Seagull

Teddy Corwin

Major: Econ, Class of 2017
Minor: German 
Reading: Catch 22
Listening: Kendrick Lamar, Mac Demarco, and Arcade Fire
Defining Flora Based Beverage: Ettal Curator Doppelbock

Alicia Danielsen Alicia Danielson

Major: Art History, Class of 2017
Reading: Robots of Dawn by Isaac Asimov

Anastassia Doktorova Anastassia

Major: Math, Class of 2017
Minor: Russian 
Reading: War and Peace,by Tolstoy
ListeningMarian Hill
Defining Beastie: A contrary cat

Gabe Fine Gabe Fine

Major: English, Class of 2018
ReadingMidnight's Children by Salman Rushdie
Listening: "Ivy" by Frank Ocean

Sara FlemingSara Fleming

Major: History-Philosophy, Class of 2019
Minors: Spanish, Political Science
ReadingBeloved by Toni Morrison
Listening: Gregory Alan Isakov

Olivia Foster Olivia

Major: History and Political Science, Class of 2017 
Minors: Spanish Language
Reading: The Phantom Tollbooth
ListeningSigur Ros
Defining Microbeasties: Bioluminescence

Patrick Glastonbury

Major: History-Philosophy, Class of 2017
Reading: Eeeee Eee Eeee: A Novel
Listening: Pavement
Dinfining Flora: Mossy oak tree covered in ivy

Jhana Gottlieb

Major: International Political Economy, Class of 2017
Hobbies: Ballroom dance and gecko husbandry 

Anika Grevstad

Anika Grevstad

Major: Asian Studies, Class of 2018 
Minors: Environmental Issues, Film Studies
Reading: Letters to a Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke


Clare Holtzman

Robert Heald

Major: English Poetry, Class of 2017
Minor: Music, Russian, Non Violence: Theory and Practice
Reading: Te of Piglet and Wuthering Heights 
Listening: Phoenix and the Veils
Defining Flora: Weeping Willow


Erica JamiesonErica

Major: Sociology, Class of 2017
Reading: Beacons: Stories for our Not So Distant Future by Gregory Norminton
Listening: La Chiva Gantiva


Eviva KahneEviva

Major: Undeclared, Class of 2018 
Reading: Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace
Listening: Ani DiFranco
Defining Flora: Bluebonnet



Ashley Kim

Major: English Literature, Class of 2018 
ReadingThe Great Gatsby
Listening: Giraffage
Defining Fauna: Quokka



Anna Lynn-Palevsky


Major: Math, Class of 2017
Minor: Music 
ReadingCalvin and Hobbes, anything by Atul Gawande 
Listening to: Bon Iver
Defining Beastie: Penguin out of Water  

Nathan MakelaNathan Makela

MajorEnglish (Creative Writing, Fiction), Class of 2018
Reading: Roald Dahl
 Frank Ocean

Kate McGinnKate McGinn

Major: Organismal Biology and Ecology, Class of 2018
Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolver 
 Owling and cow tipping 

Jin Mei McMahon

Major: Fiction and Organismal Biology and Ecology, Class of 2017
ReadingTiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed
Listening: "Blond(e)" by Frank Ocean
Defining Creature: Northern Saw-Whet Owl

Nina MurrayNina

Major: Southwest Studies, Class of 2017 
Reading: Play it as it Lays by Joan Didion
Listening: Tell Me There's a Garden: by Joseph 
Defining Yarn: Snældan


Bridget O'NeillBridget

Major: Undeclared, Class of 2019
The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien
Listening: Fragile by Kygo 

Cameron PattisonCameron Pattison

Major: Philosophy, Class of 2018
The Mandarins 

GracePGrace Perry

Major: Undeclared, Class of 2019
The Phantom Tollbooth
"Jubel" by Klingande

Kali PlaceKali Place

Major: Sociology, Class of 2017
Feminist and Gender Studies 
Someone that Loves You by HONNE and Izzy Bizu

Thomas Roberts


Major: Philosophy, Class of 2017 
Reading: The Myth of Sisyphus by Albert Camus
Listening: The Black Keys
Spirit Animal: Elk (Cervus canadensis)


Jared Russell Jared Russell

Major: Political Science and Philosophy, Class of 2018
Minor: Music
Reading: The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien
Listening to: Chance the Rapper

Morgen SeimMorgen Seim

Major: Comp Literature, Class of 2018
Minor: French 
Reading: The Magicians Trilogy 


Naomi Sherman

Major: Music, Class of 2018 
Reading: Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman by Haruki Murakami
ListeningUnknown Mortal Orchestra 
Defining Flora: Moss Campion

Amelia SmithAmelia (Mimi) Smith

Major: English, Class of 2018
Reading: Sula by Toni Morrison
Listening: Graceland


Anna Squires

Major: Political Science, Class of 2017
Minor: Alternative Journalisms
Listening: Elephant Revival
Defining Flora: Bird of Paradise




Malcom St. JohnMalcolm St. John

Major: Political Science, Class of 2017
ReadingThe Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo by Amy Schumer
Listening: Fetty Wap


Nicole TanZack

Major: Sociology, Class of 2017
Reading: Calvin and Hobbes
Listening:  Lion Sphere
Defining Flora: Crocus


Maddie WaldenMaddie

Major: Chemistry, Class of 2018
Minor: Physics or English
Reading: The Mayor of Casterbridge


Emma Wilson

Emma Wilson

Major: Spanish and Comparative Literature, Class of 2018
Minor: Human Biology and Kinesiology
Reading: Harry Potter y la Piedra Filosofal
Listening: Gregory Alan Isakov
Defining Fauna: Adolescent black bear

Writing Center Assistants

Julia WoodJulia



Ben Bacher





Eyner Roman Lopez

Major: Art Studio and Math, Class of 2019
Listening: Currents by Tame Impala

Camila Condon RodriguezCamila

Major: Political Science, Class of 2019
Minor: Dance
Listening: Alfredo Zitarrosa
Reading: Rayuela by Julio Cortazar