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General Writing and Study Skills

  • GS260 1413 - Writing Enhancement
    Provides an opportunity for students to improve their writing skills through practice and criticism. This course must be taken in conjunction with a Writing in the Disciplines course if taken in fulfillment of the Writing Proficiency Requirement. (Must be taken on a P/NC basis: first taught in academic year 2010-11.)  Prerequisite: Consent of Instructor, .5 unit - Schacht.
    Counts toward fulfilling the Writing Requirement

Reading and Rhetoric in the Liberal Arts

  • GS257 - Topics in Reading and Rhetoric
    This course examines what it means to read on both a theoretical and practical level. Focusing on readings concerning the transactional theory of reading, students will consider the influence of the background knowledge and beliefs they bring to texts as well as the way in which the text can prompt transformations in their thinking and believing. In the process of reading and discussing the assigned materials, the students will also develop and polish college level reading skills. This course will be taught in a seminar fashion, with small and whole group discussion, assigned readings and reading-response short papers.  .5 unit 

English as a Second Language Practice and Enhancement

  • GS208 - Advanced Language Practice for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners
    This course will provide holistic language support for any culturally and linguistically diverse student. The material will focus on strengthening oral fluency, listening, and note-taking skills through pronunciation practice, vocabulary development, idiomatic expressions, classroom discussion, and presentations. Material will also focus on necessary writing and reading skills, such as understanding prompts, writing expectations, and the writing process, avoiding plagiarism, formatting, synthesizing, editing, and revising. These skills are intended to be directly utilized in concurrent block courses. Personal understanding of American social and cultural topics will also be facilitated. The course will meet twice per week over 4 blocks. 1 unit.  - Walter. 
    Counts toward fulfilling the Writing Requirement

Thesis Preparation and Writing

For Juniors

  • Thesis Prep for Juniors (Blocks 7 and 8, Tuesdays 2-4pm)

    Thesis Prep for Juniors is a two-block adjunct that aims to boost your confidence as a scholar in anticipation of your senior thesis year.  You'll brainstorm a research topic, solidify your source materil, refine your research strategies, and correspond with a senior mentor in your field of study for advice and troubleshooting.  As the capstone project of the course, you'll canvass the explicit expectations of your home department in an effort to eliminate any senior year suprises. Together we'll quell the doom and gloom of The Senior Thesis so that you may worry less and write more.  Course seats are capped at 12; juniors preferred, please.  The class runs as a two-block adjunct, accruing .25 units of credit.  Participation is required over both blocks of the adjunct.  Pass/Fail grade track. - Alvarado.

For Seniors

  • Senior Thesis: Research and Planning (Blocks 3 & 4, Tuesdays 2-4pm)
    The rumors are true: the thesis writing process can be a deflating self-confidence-sucker of the first degree, but it doesn't have to be so.  Senior Thesis: Research and Planning will teach you how to tend to both yourself and your project, improving your focus, productivity, and sense of wellbeing.  Over the course of blocks three and four, we will: 1)worry less, as writing is a recursive process that necessitates support, community, and plentiful snacks; 2) refine our research topics and undertake significant research; 3) draft a solid literature review; and 4) prepare a project timeline and negotiate how to maximize your relationship with your thesis advisor. Course seats are capped at 12; seniors preferred, please.  The class runs as a two-block adjunct, accruing .25 units of credit.  Participation is required over both blocks of the adjunct.  Pass/Fail grade track - Alvarado.
  • Thesis Writing Boot Camp (Half-block 9:30am-Noon)

    What's the hardest part about the senior thesis?  Writing it.  That's why the Thesis Writing Boot Camp isn't so much a half-block course as it is a personal commitment: show up, eat free food, maybe workshop a little for some immediate feedback, drink some coffee, write some more. Instead of obsessing about being behind, carve out time this half block to write your thesis among friends in a relaxed environment tailored to your individual progress. Together we'll quash procrastination and make tracks on the page. This half-block adjunct meets daily and accrues .5 units of credit.  -  Alvarado.

  • Senior Thesis: drafting and Revising (Blocks 5 and 6, Tuesdays TBD)

    Are you sitting on a mound of research, but staring at a blank screen?  Maybe you need a game plan. Maybe you need motivation, or accountability, or community.  maybe you just need a kick in the butt.  I'm here to help!  Over the course of blocks five and six, we will worry less (as writing is a recursive process that necessitates support, community, and plentiful snacks), strategize more (preparing a project outline and timeline), and write a ton (from first draft to working draft). Please note that this course is intended for students who have already completed significant research.  Course seats are capped at 12; seniors preferred, please. The class runs as a two-block adjunct, accruing .25 units of credit.  Participation is required over both blocks of the adjunct. Pass/Fail grade track. - Alvarado.

Career and Fellowships Writing

  •  GS390 - Grant Writing

    Facilitates the development of the research skills, audience awareness, clarity of purpose, and persuasive rhetoric necessary for writing grant applications for individuals and for groups. Provides students the opportunities to write a grant for an individual project and experience aspects of the grant-writing process for an organization. Meets once per week over 4 blocks. As this course requires substantial writing, revision, and response, course seats will be capped at 12. Pass/fail grade track. .5 units. - Sartin. 

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