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Writing Intensive / Writing in a Discipline list

Although no conventional composition courses exist at Colorado College, courses designated Writing Intensive have been designed to attach special importance to writing and revision. These courses provide opportunities for students to continue to improve their writing skills through practice and criticism. The writing component of each course is related to course content and is intended to promote learning within the field as well as greater facility in writing. In some cases, the writing component may emphasize the problems of writing for a particular discipline. Writing Intensive courses have limited enrollment to allow time for individual conferences, small group sessions, and detailed criticism.Q

Students entering in the Fall of 2017 and thereafter will fulfill the Writing Progress graduation requirement with successful completion of one Writing Intensive course, two Writing in a Discipline courses, or one Writing in a Discipline course plus a writing adjunct (GS 201, GS 257, or GS 260).

Below is a current list of WI and WD Courses and instructions on how to fulfill the Writing Requirement.

For recent years' lists, please use the following links:

Use the following links to read our Writing Intensive and Writing in a Discipline course goals and guidelines.