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Writing Progress Requirement and First Year Portfolios: Class of 2019 and beyond

“We learn to understand ourselves through explaining ourselves to others,” Kathleen Yancey, Reflection in the Writing Classroom

Reflecting on one’s learning during the process of that learning is central to growth as a writer and critical thinker.

In your First-Year Writing Portfolio, we ask you to offer both course-grounded writing from your first-year classes and a reflective essay which offers evidence of engagement in thinking about your college writing. Earlier iterations of our FY Portfolio have focused on assessment of the quality of your course-based first-year writing. While we remain concerned with the quality of that work, your course-grounded writing has already received evaluation—additional evaluation of course-based writing is, at the least, redundant.                 

What is not redundant in portfolio reading and response is evaluation of your reflection on writing and learning over the course of first-year. In what writing assessment theorist Edward White has termed “Phase 2” of portfolio scoring, emphasis in the FY Portfolio shifts this year to focus on the quality of your metacognition—your capacity to think about your own thinking, and in this case, your capacity to view your own writing as both process and product, with a critical, analytic eye.                                 

Writing in portfolios will be evaluated on two criteria: 1) evidence of writing from two CC academic courses and 2) coherent, persuasive self-reflection on that writing, grounded in evidence offered by coursework submitted. Based on assessment of your progress as a first-year writer (coursework + self-reflection), an evaluation of complete from two faculty readers fulfills the Writing Progress requirement. Students submitting portfolios evaluated as in-progress will have the option of resubmitting their portfolio after an additional semester of coursework. Students failing to submit a portfolio in a timely manner or students electing not to resubmit an in-progress portfolio will be required to successfully complete one or more designated writing courses in order to fulfill the Writing Progress requirement. 

Portfolios can only be submitted online. Final submission deadline is the fourth Monday of Block 8, May 15, 2017. The portfolio should contain three samples of your writing:
  • A paper from your FYE class
  • A paper from a class taken in one of the six blocks following your FYE, from a Bridge course, or a half block adjunct completed in your first year.
  • An essay reflecting on the work embodied in your portfolio and your development as a writer over the course of your initial year at CC.

Here are some useful links to help you compile your First Year Portfolio:

 Questions?  Please contact Writing Program Director Tracy Santa (