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Sophomore Jump Program

The Sophomore Jump Program provides all sophomore students at Colorado College with opportunities to grow and develop personally, academically, and socially throughout their sophomore year. 

Students who participate in the Sophomore Jump Program will:

  • Continue to develop their sense of belonging on campus, as well as their strategies for achieving academic success and personal well-being
  • Cultivate relationships with faculty beyond their advisors and professors
  • Understand different academic programs available at CC and possess the tools to make informed decisions about their majors by the end of the academic year
  • Learn about off-campus and study-abroad programs, as well as grant, fellowship, and research opportunities, in order to maximize their time and experience at CC
  • Know how to find and apply for internships and how to narrate their experiences to potential employers

Faculty Dinners

Join faculty from across the curriculum for dinner and discussion. Come and talk with a professor about how they discovered their interests, and talk about your future goals.  Each dinner is with a single faculty member and is limited to the first 20 RSVP's.  Dinners are held on the second Tuesday of every block at 6:00 pm.

Student Faculty Dinner 9/6/2016 1 6:00 PM Armstrong Boardroom Tom Lindblade yes
What to Expect as a Sophomore 9/8/2016 1 Noon Spencer Boardroom Sophomore Jump yes
Planning For Study Abroad 9/13/2016 1 Noon Slocum Commons Heather Powell Browne no
Financing Study Abroad 9/29/2016 2 Noon Spencer Boardroom Heather Powell Browne no
Choosing A Major 10/3/2016 2 Noon Morreale Classroom Stacey  Stevens yes
Student Faculty Dinner 10/4/2016 2 6:00 PM Armstrong Boardroom Prentiss Dantzler yes
What is a Venture Grant wksp 10/6/2016 2 Noon Slocum Commons Sophomore Jump no
Pre-Law & Pre-Med Info Session 10/27/2016 3 Noon Barnes 209 Career Center yes
Strengths finder 11/1/2016 3 Noon Morreale Classroom Stacey  Stevens yes
Student Faculty Dinner 11/1/2016 3 6:00 PM Armstrong Boardroom Jean Lee yes
Searching for an Internship 12/6/2016 4 Noon Morreale Classroom Stacey  Stevens yes
Student Faculty Dinner 12/6/2016 4 6:00 PM Armstrong Boardroom Olivia Hatton yes

For more information, please contact Jenn Sides at

Please click this link to RSVP