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Sophomore Jump Program

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The Sophomore Jump Program provides all sophomore students at Colorado College with opportunities to develop their academic plans throughout their sophomore year.

Students who participate in the Sophomore Jump Program will:

  • Understand different academic programs available at CC and possess the tools to make informed decisions about their majors by the end of the academic year
  • Learn about off-campus and study-abroad programs, as well as grant, fellowship, and research opportunities, in order to maximize their time and experience at CC
  • Know how to find and apply for internships and how to narrate their experiences to potential employers
  • Cultivate relationships with faculty beyond their advisors and professors
  • Develop their sense of belonging on campus, as well as their strategies for achieving academic success and personal well-being
Sophomore Jump Program featured in College Magazine!

Block 3 Programming

    Friday, Oct. 25, 12:15-1:30 p.m., Tutt Library 238
    Are you hoping to study for a semester or year off-campus, but you're not really sure how to pick a program and where to start? All students are invited to this lunchtime workshop with Heather Powell Browne that will help you get started on defining your academic goals, available program options, timing, credit transfer, and other important considerations for your global educational adventure! Pizza will be provided. RSVP at: 
    Tuesday, Oct. 29, 12:15-1:30 p.m., Tutt Library 238
    Do you have a research project you’d like to pursue? Last year, the Keller Family Venture Grant Program funded nearly $100,000 in student research, and 90 CC students pursued individual research projects. You could be one of them! Join us as we discuss how Venture Grants allow students to expand on distinctly unique research endeavors. What will your adventure be? RSVP at: 
    Wednesday, Nov. 6, 12-1:30 p.m., Worner Student Center
    Have you picked a major yet? Interested in Biology, History, or Spanish? What about Feminist and Gender Studies? Curious about major/minor requirements? Join us for a Majors Resource Fair to talk to faculty and students from a number of departments about potential majors and minors. Lunch will be served. Check in to enter to win an Amazon Gift Card!

Please check back often as we add events as they come up! For more information, please contact Brett Gray at

Faculty Dinners

Once each block, twenty sophomore students meet with a professor for a meal in the new library. Over dinner,  professors share their academic autobiography with the students and advise students about the opportunities available at CC and beyond. Dinners are limited to the first 20 students who RSVP and generally take place on the second Tuesday of each Block at 6:00 pm.

Block 1 9/3/2019 6 p.m. Tutt Library Room 238 Paul Adler, History
Block 2 10/1/2019 6 p.m. Tutt Library Room 238 Douglas Edlin, Political Science
Block 3 10/29/2019 6 p.m. Tutt Library Room 238 Chet Lisiecki, German, Russian and East Asian Languages
Block 4 12/3/2019 6 p.m. Tutt Library Room 238 Beth Malmskog, Mathematics
Block 5 1/28/2020 6 p.m. Tutt Library Room 238 Rachel Jabaily, Organismal Biology & Ecology
Block 6 2/25/2020 6 p.m. Tutt Library Room 238 Najnin Islam, English
Block 7 3/31/2020 6 p.m. Tutt Library Room 238 Amanda Bowman, Chemistry & Biochemistry

For more information, please contact Brett Gray at